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full line of 35mm film
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East Coast Photo specializes in 35mm film. Choosing the right film for a situation can open up exciting new photographic possibilities. The speed of a roll of 35 mm film is measured according to an International Standards Organization (ISO) scale, with the most common varieties being ISO 100, 200, 400 and 800. These numbers are referred to as the film's "speed" because each level is twice as sensitive to light as the last and will expose more quickly, allowing a faster shutter speed to be used.

We have a huge selection of 35mm slide film, We supply the best price and highest quality film. We carry a full selection of print and slide film for both professional and amatuer photgraphers. Select from the category below to view our full line of 35mm film.

35mm Print & Slide Film

Please select from the following categories to view our full line of film.
35mm Film - Professional
35 mm Print Film for the professional photographer.  
35mm Print Film - Amateur
35 mm Film for the non-professional

FujiFilm 35mm Superia 200 Speed Film, 36 Exposures
Designed for versatility and ease of use, the multi-purpose Superia 200 is an all-around film perfect for outdoors, or indoors with flash. A Versatile, All-Around Film. Smooth, Fine Grain with Enhanced Color Reproduction and Sharpness and has a Wide Exposure Latitude.
$1.69 per roll
Fujifilm NPH 400, 120 Color Negative Film
A high-speed ISO 400 daylight-type color negative film for outstanding wedding and portrait photography. Ideal for a wide range of shooting conditions. Features Excellent Neutral Skin Tones, Rich Gradation and Unbiased Gray Balance.
$2.69 per roll
Fujichrome RVP 135-36 Velvia 50 Professional Color Slide Film USA
An ISO 50 professional color reversal film with ultra-fine grain and outstanding sharpness and color saturation. Push-Processing Capability to EI 100 with Excellent Shadow Detail. Features Fuji Velvia 50 35mm Film For Color Slides, ISO 50, 36 Exposures.
$5.85 per roll

fuji film
Fujicolor CU 135-36  Superia (ASA 1600) 35mm Color Print Film USA
Ideal for long zooms and SLR's. Vivid colors and increased contrast Retains maximum sensitivity. A 4th Color Layer Technology Patented Fine Sigma Technology. This is a film that is intended for outdoor use in areas where illumination is very subdued. It's a high-speed color print film incorporating an enhanced version of Fujifilm's Sigma Crystal Technology for fine grain while retaining maximum sensitivity. Features Amazingly vivid colors with lifelike tones for high-quality prints.
$4.55 per roll
Fujifilm Fujicolor Press 400 Color Negative Film ISO 400, 35mm Size, 36 Exposure, 20 Pack CH-36
Fujicolor Press 400 delivers neutral color balance with or without flash, and excels at outdoor sports and other applications requiring high shutter speeds. It is ideal for photojournalism or other media-related work. Features 4th Color Layer Technology, and Offers Outstanding Resolution and Fine Grain with Brilliant Color Reproduction. This 35mm film has exceptional tonal balance and a wide Exposure Latitude.
FujiFilm - 35mm Color Slide Film RDPIII Provia ISO 100 36 Exposures
A new generation of daylight-type color reversal film offering the finest grain of any color reversal emulsion now available. Ideal for a wide range of professional applications, from product photography and landscapes to portraits and fashion work. Micro-Grain Solubility Control TechnologyUnprecedented Granularity of 8Superb Push-Processing Characteristics Remarkably consistent color and tone at pushes of up to +2 stops.
$4.29 per roll

Fujifilm CS135-36 35mm ISO 100 Speed Color Print Film (36 Exposures)
Superia Reala is a premium ISO 100 film for photographing people and special occasions, or for images intended for portraits or enlargements. It offers the finest and smoothest grain of all Superia films, and produces natural skin tones and rich textures. Smooth, Extra-Fine Grain Extraordinary Color Accuracy Superior Granularity and Sharpness Performs well under various light sources
$2.99 per roll
Fujifilm Fujichrome RTP II 64 Tungsten Balanced, Color Slide Film, ISO 64, 36 Expoure, RTP-36, Transparency, U.S.A
For Use Under Tungsten Lighting Rich, Balanced Tone Scale Clean, Faithful Color Reproduction. It uses Technology Produced for Fujichrome ASTIA 100 which delivers extremely fine grain and resolution. RTP II 64 35mm film will provide Clean, Faithful Color Reproduction and will capture subtle color gradations for heightened realism.
$8.79 per roll
Fujicolor NPZ 135-36 (ASA 800) Professional Color Print Film USA
New Fujicolor Portrait NPZ 800 incorporates Fujifilm's proprietary 4th Color Layer Technology to ensure faithful, accurate and extremely natural color and skin tone reproduction under a wide range of light sources including fluorescent and mixed lighting with excellent gradation balance and broad exposure latitude.

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