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What are Memory Cards?

A memory card or flash memory card is a solid-state electronic flash memory data storage device used with digital cameras, handheld and Mobile computers, telephones, music players, video game consoles, and other electronics. They offer high re-record-ability, power-free storage, small form factor, and rugged environmental specifications. There are also non-solid-state memory cards that do not use flash memory, and there are different types of flash memory.

Who are we, what do we sell, and how can we serve your photographic needs? 

We sell highest quality Camera Memory Cards, Camcorder SD cards, SDHC, XD Media Cards, as well as Sony Memory Sticks for the lowest prices. Every memory card for any digital camera, regardless of its brand or model, is in stock and ready to ship FREE.  We also carry a full line of accessories for your digital camera & camcorder memory cards.

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Secure Digital (SD) Memory Cards
This 4 GB Secure digital Card is compatible with Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Cell phones, & MP3 Players. High speed SD cards quickly upload images, songs, & data files. SD flash drives come in 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, and even 32GB Secure Media Cards. Stock up with memory cards & card readers from any major brand, and never let your digital camera run out of photo memory.
Prices as low as $7.27
Camera Compact Flash Card
8GB High speed (CF 4.0) Compact Flash Cart. This mass memory storage device hold hundreds of photos & audio-video clips. This camera flash card loads camera photos into a computer at high speed. CF cards readers are also available, to ease the process of transferring your compact flash card data from one device to another. With CF Flash drives ranging from 512 MB to 90 GB.

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Camcorder & Digital camera Memory Stick
This PSP memory stick fits most digital cameras, & provides ultimate speed & picture quality. You can rely on this Digital Memory Card to deliver the best resolution, fast capture, and super-high speed computer download. Handles hundreds of digital camera pictures & camcorder videos. A few extra 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, & 16GB memory sticks in your camera bag don't hurt! They will only keep your camera and the smiles up all the time.


Memory Card Guide

Whether you're a professional photographer or even just the family cameraman, you probably learned at this point that memory cards are the most essential accessory for your digital camera or camcorder. With that in mind, here's an easy guide to evaluate all different memory devices that are compatible with your Camera. Here are the top 5 digital camera Memory Cards you should consider.

1. Lexar 4GB Pro Compact Flash
Features high write speed, 4GB of storage, & compact size. The Compact Flash Memory chip is far more efficient than usual Digital Camera Storage Cards.

2. SanDisc 4GB Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card
The Secure Digital card distincts all other reading cards with it's compatibility for both Digital Cameras & camcorders. High capacity, super speed, as well as great PC communication mark the SD card's success.

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3. Sony 2GB Memory Stick Pro
The Memory Stick prides itself with a transfer speed 80MB per second. The Memory Stick with it's 4GB of storage and high speed let's you download your pictures to a computer in seconds.

4. Hitachi 6GB MicroDrive
WOW! You must live in the 20th century to experience the technology this compact size super fast has to offer. This Ultra Mini Hard Drive earns its name. It can store pictures at 9.4 MB per second!

5. Fuji 2GB XD Memory Card
The XD Memory Card is very popular with Digital Cameras. A cheap yet fantastic Media Card, the XD Digital Camera Storage card will save loads of photos, download quickly onto PC, & will perform at a professional level.

6. Samsung 2GB SmartMedia Card SSFDC (SM-2GB)
This 8GB cSmartMedia card works with SmartMedia compliant devices such as Digital Camera, Camcorder, MP3 Player, Tracking Systems, Printers, PDA's, Music Devices, and Television.

XD Picture Card

XD Picture Cards, mostly used in digital cameras, are compact yet very powerful. xD cards are available in capacities of 16 MB (16 MiB), 32 MB, 64 MB, 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB (1 GiB) and 2 GB. The XD card performance is powerful for photographers as well as consumers.


Camcorder Recharable Batteries Memory Card Cases
4-in-1 Memory Card Readers
Beat the pain of carrying your digital camera or camcorder with you to work to download it into your computer. makes it simple! Our Memory card readers allow you to connect your Secure Digital Card, XD card, Flash Cards, and memory Sticks, to your computer via light weight readers.

$10.78 to $31.19
Memory Card Cases
Keep your memory cards as close to your digital camera, safe, & secure as possible. We have slim & handy memory card cases, that offer professional look and style. Slip it into a side pocket, attach it to your camera case, or keep it among your photography items. Our full line of memory chip cases are made to save your memory card and keep space in your cases.

Starting from $3.37
USB Flash Drives
Move parallel with technology. Stop burning CDs or saving to floppy disks. Save your photos or files like all professional photographers do. Our compact USB flash drives hook up on your keychain. Stop worrying about CDs getting scratched until you reach the photo store. Save your digital camera photos on portable light weight USB external drives. Choose from 1gb, 2gb, 4gb, 8gb, as well as 16gb USB drives.
$4.54 to $74.74
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