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full line of Polaroid film
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East Coast Photo specializes in Polaroid film. Choosing the right polaroid film for a situation can open up exciting new photographic possibilities. We have a huge selection of Instant film, We supply the best price and highest quality film. We carry a full selection of print and slide film for both professional and amatuer photgraphers. Select from the category below to view our full line of Polaroid film.

Large selection of Polaroid & Instant Film

Please select from the following categories to view our full line of film.
Polaroid Film
35 mm Print Film for the professional photographer.  
Polaroid Print Film - 4"x5"
35 mm Film for the non-professional

Polaroid 600 Instant Color Print Film (Twin Pack - 20 Sheets)
The Polaroid 600 Platinum film, offered here in a twin pack, is a general-purpose, high-speed, medium-contrast integral film for high-definition instant color prints. This film is balanced for daylight and flash exposure. It can be used with Impulse, CoolCam, the One Step camera series, the 600 Business Edition, JobPro, EMS camera, the PhotoMagic system, the Special Event camera series, CB-70/71/72 camera backs, or other compatible equipment.
Polaroid Spectra Film Twin Pack
The Polaroid Spectra Platinum Twin Pack Film set comprises two boxes of the highest quality instant film Polaroid has ever made. This is a general-purpose, high-speed, medium-contrast, integral film for high-definition instant color prints. The film is balanced for daylight and electronic flash exposure. It is specially designed to bring more color and sharpness to your photographs faster than before. The twin-pack offers 10 exposures per pack for a total of 20 sheets.
polaroid film
Polaroid 669 Polacolor Film - 3.25 x 4.25 - Pack of 2
A medium-contrast, medium-speed, color print film with extended dynamic range, 669 Film is balanced for average daylight (5500K) at 1/125 of a second (as well as for electronic flash units). The reciprocity characteristics of this film cause a color shift towards blue-cyan when the exposure time is increased and a color shift towards red-yellow when the exposure is decreased.

polaroid 990
Polaroid 990 Spectra Professional Film - Twin Pack (20 Exposures)
Polaroid 990 Instant Color Film is a professional film for high-definition instant color prints. This film is balanced for daylight and electronic flash. This film is good for Amateur photography, Promotional photography, Photographic souvenirs, Insurance documentation and for Construction documentation.
Polaroid Captiva-500 Film Single Pack
Formerly known as Captiva film, Polaroid 500 Platinum instant film allows you to take pocket-sized photos with a Polaroid JoyCam camera. Because the film-ejection device for the Polaroid JoyCam is manual, Polaroid 500 film is less expensive than other formats of instant film. Each pack comes with 10 exposures, each measuring 4.4 by 2.5 inches.
Polaroid 667 Black And White Film, Pack Of 2
Medium speed, medium contrast, general purposes daylight (electronic Flash) balanced for daylight or electric flash with extended dynamic range. This film is compatible with virtually any ID camera or passport camera on the market today. Two-packs include 10 exposures per pack.

To answer the number one question about Polaroid's: Should I really "shake it like a Polaroid"? Polaroid says, Sure, go ahead -- just don't shake it too hard.

Shaking or waving a Polaroid picture to help the development process originated in the early days of peel-apart film. After peeling the negative, the image needed to dry before it could be handled, so waving the photo helped it to dry more quickly. When using the integral films (600, Spectra, 500, SX-70/Time-Zero, i-Zone) that are used in our most popular current camera models (Polaroid One, OneStep, JoyCam, etc.), the image develops and dries behind a clear plastic window and never touches the air, so shaking or waving has no effect.

In fact, excessive shaking or waving can actually damage the image. Rapid movement during development can cause portions of the film to separate prematurely, or can cause "blobs" in the picture. The best way to ensure a perfectly developed image is to simply lay the picture on a flat surface immediately after it exits the camera. Shield it from the wind and avoid bending, twisting, or otherwise disturbing it during development. Image development time for Polaroid integral films is 3-5 minutes -- after an additional 5 to 10 minutes, the photo's colors will become richer and fuller.

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