Empire EM-SLA36 UPS Batteries

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Empire SLA3-6 Sealed Lead Acid Battery (6 Volt, 3 Ah) Ultra High Capacity
SLA3-6 Sealed Lead Acid Battery (6 Volt, 3 Ah) Ultra High Capacity
Item: #EM-SLA36 | MFG: #SLA3-6
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This Ultra high-capacity UPS Power battery is the best choice for a replacement for your original UPS Power battery. This Powerfull UPS Power battery feature full mAh, should you need a new UPS Power battery for any reason, to have a spare one, to replace an old one. This battery is the best choice, the battery is Powerfull and the quality is superior.

  • Battery is 100% OEM Compatible

  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications

  • Specifications
  • Battery Size
  • (LxWxH): 5.28 x 1.34 x 2.64 Inches
  • Voltage
  • 6V
  • Capacity
  • 3Ah
  • Limited Warranty
  • 1 Year
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    Item Includes

    1 Year limited Warranty

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     EM-SLA36 Battery is Compatible with the following SLA UPS Rhino:
     Panasonic LCR063R2PU  Panasonic LCR063R4P  Panasonic LCR306P
     Panasonic LCR6V3.2  Panasonic LCR6V3.2P  Panasonic LCR6V3.4P
     Panasonic LCR6V3P  Panasonic LCRD63R4P  Panasonic LEAD6V3.4P
     Panasonic TY355C - - RETROFIT  Panasonic TY361R - - RETROFIT  Hitachi HP3-6
     Hitachi HP3.2-6  Hitachi HP36  Dantona LEAD 6V 3.4P
     Dantona LEAD6V34P  Empire SLAC-6500   Empire SLAC-6500 
     Interstate Batteries BLS0885  Interstate Batteries PC630  Siemens 341
     Siemens 933 EKG MACHINE  Hewlett Packard 14200019  Hewlett Packard 14200123
     Hewlett Packard 1504  Hewlett Packard 1504B  Hewlett Packard 1505
     Hewlett Packard ELECTRO CARDIOGRAF  Access Battery MLA128080  Access Battery MLA8491I
     Access Battery SLA630  Air Shields Medical 1780727  Air Shields Medical 5 APNEA MONITOR
     Air Shields Medical 5 SYSTEM  Air Shields Medical 5 SYSTEM HR 61  Air Shields Medical 5 SYSTEM HRRM 711
     Air Shields Medical 5 SYSTEM HRRM 712  Air Shields Medical SYSTEM 5 HRRM 711  Air Shields Medical SYSTEM 5 HRRM 712
     Air Shields Medical SYSTEM 6 APNEA MONITOR  Air Shields Medical HR61 MONITOR  Air Shields Medical HRRM711
     Air Shields Medical HRRM712  Air Shields Medical RESPIRATORY MONITOR  Air Shields Medical SYSTEM 5 APNEA MONITOR
     Air Shields Medical SYSTEM 5 HR 61  Air Shields Medical 6 APNEA MONITOR  Air Shields Medical 6 SYSTEM APNEA MONITOR
     Air Shields Medical 7155470  Air Shields Medical APNEA MONITOR 5  Air Shields Medical APNEA MONITOR 6
     Air Shields Medical HHRM711 MONITOR  Alaris Medical 280 INFUSION PUMP  Alaris Medical 280 INFUSION PUMP (KEOFEED II)
     Alaris Medical 280 SITESAVER CONTROLLER  Alaris Medical 280 SPACESAVER STAR FLOW PUMP  Alaris Medical 3080 (KEOFEED II) INFUSION PUMP
     Alaris Medical 3080 INFUSION PUMP  Alaris Medical STARFLOW PUMP 580  Alaris Medical STARFLOW PUMP 581
     Alaris Medical STARFLOW PUMP 590  Alaris Medical STARFLOW PUMP 591  Alaris Medical STARFLOW PUMP 599
     Alaris Medical 599 SPACESAVER STAR FLOW PUMP  Alaris Medical 599 STARFLOW PUMP  Alaris Medical KEOFEED 3080 INFUSION PUMP
     Alaris Medical MINI PC4  Alaris Medical PC4 GEMINI  Alaris Medical SITESAVER CONTROLLER 280
     Alaris Medical 590 INFUSION PUMP (KEOFEED II)  Alaris Medical 590 KEOFEED INFUSION PUMP  Alaris Medical 590 STARFLOW PUMP
     Alaris Medical 590EE INFUSION PUMP  Alaris Medical 591 STARFLOW PUMP  Alaris Medical 599 INFUSION PUMP
     Alaris Medical 3080 KEOFEED INFUSION PUMP  Alaris Medical 580 INFUSION PUMP (KEOFEED II)  Alaris Medical 580 PLUS INFUSION PUMP (KEOFEED II)
     Alaris Medical 580 SPACESAVER STAR FLOW PUMP  Alaris Medical 580 STARFLOW PUMP  Alaris Medical 581 STARFLOW PUMP
     Alexander G630  Alexander GB626  Alexander MB5064
     Alexander PS626  Alton-tol 2000 ALPHA STIM  American Hospital Supply 2001
     American Hospital Supply 521 PUMP  American Hospital Supply 522 PUMP  American Hospital Supply 821 PUMP
     Baxter Healthcare 521 CARDIAC OUTPUT COMPUTER  Baxter Healthcare CARDIAC OUTPUT COMPUTER 521  Baxter Healthcare N7531 VIP PUMP
     Baxter Healthcare VIP N7531 PUMP  Biosearch Medical 148000 PUMP  Bondwell 8T
     Bondwell B300  Bondwell B300A  Bondwell BW8TA
     Bondwell H16286  Bondwell HP36  Bondwell PORT
     Bondwell PRO 8T  Brady BP36  Brooks Equipment BAT63
     Chloride 6V3.0AH  Continental Scale 450 SCALE  Continental Scale 450 SCALES
     Continental Scale 451KL  Continental Scale 452KL  Continental Scale 460 SCALE
     Continental Scale 481 SCALE  Continental Scale 591KL  Continental Scale 63653
     Continental Scale HEALTHOMETER SCALE  Continental Scale 482 SCALE  Continental Scale 483 SCALE
     Continental Scale 492 SCALE  Continental Scale 551KL  Continental Scale 55K SCALES
     Continental Scale 55KL SCALES  Cutter Labs 5000 INFUSION PUMP  Cutter Labs 70040
     Cutter Labs 888 INFUSION PUMP  Cutter Labs 888 PUMP  Cutter Labs FLO VOLUMETRIC
     Cutter Labs INFUSION PUMP  Cutter Labs INFUSION PUMP 888  Datex Engstrom Inc CARBON DIOXIDE MONITOR
     Datex Medical 2000 NORMO CAP  Datex Medical 2000 PUMP  Digitron Scales 1120A
     Digitron Scales BABY SCALE  Dyna Cell WP36  Dyonics 30
     Eagle Picher Batteries CF6V26 OPTION  ELS EDS630  Elsar 116
     Elsar 16214  Elsar 23052  Elsar 2312
     Elsar 404  Fairfield Medical 312724  GS Portalac PE3A6RF1
     GS Portalac PE6V3A  GS Portalac PE6V3AF1  Guardian Douglas Batteries DG62.6
     Guardian Douglas Batteries DG63  Health-o-meter PEDIATRIC SCALES  Hill-rom CRITICARE BED SCALE
     Imed MINI PC4  Imed PC4 GEMINI  Impact Instrumentation 302 PUMP
     Impact Instrumentation 302 SUCTION PUMP  Impact Instrumentation SUCTION PUMP 302  Ivac Medical Systems 126740
     Ivac Medical Systems 128080  Ivac Medical Systems 280 CONTROLLER  Ivac Medical Systems 280 SITE SAVER
     Ivac Medical Systems 3080E #2 KEOFEED ENTERAL PUMP  Ivac Medical Systems 580  Ivac Medical Systems SITE SAVER 280
     Lintronics LCR6V3.2P  Lintronics NP266  Lintronics NP3-6
     Long Batteries WP36  Mcgaw 2001 INTELL PUMP/INFUSOR REVISION (1993 FA  Medical Technology Products 1000 INFUSION PUMP
     Medical Technology Products MVP1 INFUSION PUMP  Mobira 200  Mobira 300
     Mobira 400  Mobira 500  Mobira TRANSPORTABLE
     National Power Corporation GS008T7  Newark 44F7561  Newark 87F634
     Newark NP266  Newark NP3-6  Newark NP36
     North Supply 782124  North Supply 782362  Novametrix 500 PULSE OXIMETRY
     Novametrix 936601  Novametrix PULSE OXIMETRY 500  Parallel Data Systems 100P4
     Parallel Data Systems EEG  Parallel Data Systems EEG TRANSMITTER  Parallel Data Systems PDF 100P4
     Physio Control 300 LIFEPACK  Physio Control LIFEPACK 300  Physio Control LIFEPAK 300
     Portalac PE326Fl  Portalac PE32R  Portalac PE6V3.2
     Portalac PE6V3.2Fl  Portalac PE6V3A  Portalac PE6V3AF1
     Potter Electric Signal NP266  Potter Electric Signal PFC100R  Power Patrol SLA0885
     Power Sonic PS626  Power Sonic PS630  Power Sonic PS632
     Power Star Batteries GB626  Power Star Batteries PS630  Powersonic PS626
     Powersonic PS630 (NEW STYLE) - CHK DIM  Powertron H1X3DSW  Powertron LCR063R4PU
     Powertron PE3A6RF1  Ppg Biomedical Systems 20T EKG SIMPLE SCRIPTER  Ppg Biomedical Systems EK31 MONITOR
     Ppg Biomedical Systems EK32 MONITOR  Ppg Biomedical Systems EK33 EKG MONITOR  Ppg Biomedical Systems EK33 MONITOR
     Ppg Biomedical Systems EKG MONITOR  Ppg Biomedical Systems EKG MONITOR EK31  Ppg Biomedical Systems EKG MONITOR EK33
     Ppg Biomedical Systems EKG SCRIPTOR  Ppg Biomedical Systems GB626  Ppg Biomedical Systems SCRIPTOR EKG
     Protection One BT0008N  Quest Medical 1001 INFUSION PUMP  Quest Medical 1001 INTELL
     Quest Medical 2001 INFUSION PUMP  Quest Medical 2001 INTELL  Quest Medical 521 INFUSION PUMP
     Quest Medical INTELL 1001  Quest Medical INTELL 2001  Quinton EKG 750
     R & D Batteries 5064  R & D Batteries 5371  R & D Batteries 5373
     R & D Batteries LCR063R4P  SBS S632  Sonnenchein A206/3.0SU
     Sonnenchein A206/3.2U  Sonnenchein A306/3.0S  Sonnenchein LCR6V3.2P
     Sonnenchein S1234I  Sonnenchein S634CWC  Sonnenchein S825I
     Storage Battery Systems S630  Sure Light 2653  Sure Light SL2653
     Sure Light SLP653  Tauber LCR6V3.4P  Technacell EP626
     Technacell TC626  Universal Battery UB634  Yuasa NP266
     Yuasa NP36
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