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What are Digital Camera Batteries?
There are a few types of batteries for digital cameras. Some cameras, generally older ones, use standard AA (nickel-metal hydride, NiMH) size batteries, otherwise referred to as nickel-metal hydride, nimh. However, most newer digital cameras use a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery made by the manufacturer or some secondary compatible brand., also known as a proprietary battery. Lithium-Ion batteries have much more juice (mAh) than the old fashioned AA batteries, and last more than 10 times longer. Lithium Ion batteries do not lose as much charge each month as the standard AA batteries.  Lithium Rechargeable Batteries last longer in the camera, and do not have Charging Memory problems.

Who are we, what do we sell, and how can we serve your photographic needs?
We sell highest quality Rechargeable Batteries for the cheapest prices. Every battery for any digital camera regardless of its brand is in stock and ready to ship FREE.  We also provide accessories for your digital camera and its batteries. How about a Lithium-ion battery charger, battery case, camera maintenance kit? We got it all.  Photographers rely on us, as we are the digital camera battery wholesaler. If you obsessed about maintaining sufficient battery power with your digital camera? Buying Digital Camera Batteries has been made easy. We have an easy to browse Battery Finder, which guides you to your specific digital camera and its Batteries and charger.

How can we provide such incredibly low prices on high quality Camera Batteries?
Here's the information.  We buy Digital Camera Batteries directly from the Camera Manufacturer.  And because we purchase large stock, we get good discounts, which we then forward to our customers. Our discounts and deals not only apply to rechargeable batteries, but to Digital Camera Battery Packs, Battery Chargers, and Maintenance Kits, as well. Our selection Digital Camera Rechargeable Batteries and accessories is the answer to your dreams! Our Lithium-Ion batteries are high quality, yet sold for cheap. You will zoom & and snap continuously, as we will provide your digital camera the proper battery packs! Our batteries feature lithium-Ion technology, which ensures maximum battery life and maximum power. Also, lithium batteries are lightweight and can be charged or discharged at any time without developing so called "memory effect".

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