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Empire EM-CPB-483 - Ni-CD, 3.6 Volt, 800 mAh, Ultra Hi-Capacity Battery - Replacement Battery for Sony BP-T23 Cordless Phone Battery
EM-CPB-483 - Ni-CD, 3.6 Volt, 800 mAh, Ultra Hi-Capacity Battery - Replacement Battery for Sony BP-T23 Cordless Phone Battery
Item: #EM-CPB-483 | MFG: #CPB-483
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Our Price: $34.75
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This Ultra high-capacity cordless phone battery is the best choice for a replacement for your original cordless phone battery. This cordless phone battery feature full mAh, should you need a new cordless phone battery for any reason, to have a spare one, to replace an old one. This battery is the best choice, the battery is light weight and the quality is superior.

  • Battery is 100% OEM Compatible

  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications

  • Specifications
  • Capacity
  • 800 mAh
  • Voltage
  • 3.6
  • Chemistry
  • Ni-CD
  • Limited Warranty
  • 1 Year
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    Item Includes

    1 Year limited Warranty

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     EM-CPB-483 Battery is Compatible with the following Cordless Phones:
     Sony BP-T23  Sharp CL905  Sony SPP-900
     Sharp CL960id  Sony SPP-930  Sharp CL-905
     Sony SPP-940  Sharp CL-980id  Sony SPP-A941
     Sharp CL9601D  Sony SPP-A972  Sharp CL980id
     Sony SPPID970  Sharp CL-960id  Sony SPPID975
     Sharp CL-9601d  Sony SPPIM982  Sanyo GESPC902
     Sony SPPM932  Sanyo GESPC915  Sony SPP-971
     Sanyo GES-PC902  Sony SPP900  Sanyo GESPC902
     Sony SPP930  Sanyo GESPC915  Sony SPP940
     Sanyo GES-PC902M  Sony SPPA941  Sanyo 26305
     Sony SPPA972  Sanyo GES-PC915  Sony SPPA985
     Toshiba FT-3808  Sony BPT23  Toshiba FT-H986
     Sony EXS9950  Toshiba FT-X988  Sony EXS9965
     Toshiba TRB-3808  Sony EXS9980  Toshiba FT3808
     Sony EXT1960  Toshiba FTH918  Sony S60523
     Toshiba TRB-9100  Sony SPP-M932  Toshiba FT3806
     Sony 2962  Toshiba FTH916  Sony 9030
     Toshiba SX2007  Sony 9105  Toshiba FT-H916
     Sony 9111  Toshiba RC007132  Sony 9115
     Toshiba TRB9100  Sony SPP-935  Toshiba RC006495
     Sony SPP-A940  Toshiba FT-3806  Sony SPP-A945
     Toshiba FT-H918  Sony SPP-A973  Toshiba FT-H986BK
     Sony SPP-ID910  Toshiba SX-2007  Sony SPP-IM982
     GE BT-23  Sony SPPM920  AT&T 22251X
     Sony SPPM937  AT&T 3470  Sony SPP-970
     AT&T 9050  Sony SPP-975  AT&T 9107
     Sony SPP-10910  AT&T 9111  Sony SPP-910
     AT&T 9452  Sony SPPA940  AT&T 9200 (PHONE MODEL)
     Sony SPPA945  AT&T ATLUCENT  Sony SPPA973
     AT&T ATT  Sony SPPID910  AT&T 22250X
     Sony SPPID971  AT&T 3095  Sony SPPIM977
     AT&T 9002  Sony EXS9966  AT&T 9105
     Sony EXS9995  AT&T 9110  Sony EXT1965
     Bell South BS2931  Sony SPP10910  Bell South TL-6502
     Sony SPP910  Bell South TL6502  Sony SPP935
     Tele-Phone TEL620  Sony 9060  Tele-Phone TEL909
     Sony 9108  Tele-Phone TEL1215  Sony 9112
     Tele-Phone TEL813  Sony BP999  Nomad 22250X
     Sony BT999  Nomad 3095  Sony EXS9960
     Nomad 9002  Sony SPP-A985  Nomad 9105
     Sony SPP-IM977  Nomad 9110  Sony SPP-M920
     Nomad 9452  Sony SPP-M937  Nomad ATLUCENT
     Sony 2961  Nomad ATT  Sony 9000
     Nomad 22251X  Panasonic 23295  Nomad 3470
     Panasonic 23271  Nomad 9050  Panasonic 438024
     Nomad 9107  RCA BT23  Nomad 9111
     Audiovox DT-911  V Tech 80-4032-00-00  Audiovox DT-931ci
     V Tech 80-4290-00-00  Audiovox 951ci  V Tech 8040320000
     Audiovox BT911  V Tech 8042800000  Audiovox DST961
     V Tech 80-3328-00-03  Audiovox DT911  V Tech 80-4134-02-00
     Audiovox DT931CI  V Tech 80-4314-00-00  Audiovox DT941CI
     V Tech 8041340200  Audiovox DT951CI  V Tech 8043140000
     Audiovox DT-921c  SBC CL905  Audiovox 941ci
     SBC CL960ID  Audiovox BT911  SBC CL9601D
     Audiovox DST961  SBC CL980ID  Audiovox DT911
     Southwestern Bell S60523  Audiovox DT921C  Southwestern Bell BT999
     Audiovox DT921C  Southwestern Bell FTH918  Audiovox DT931CI
     Southwestern Bell FTH986BK  Audiovox DT941CI  Southwestern Bell RC006495
     Audiovox DT951CI  Southwestern Bell SX2007  Audiovox BT-911
     Southwestern Bell TRB3808  Audiovox DST-961  Southwestern Bell TRB9100
     AT&T-Lucent 3095  Southwestern Bell BP999  AT&T-Lucent 9002
     Southwestern Bell FTH916  AT&T-Lucent 9105  Southwestern Bell FTH986
     AT&T-Lucent 22250X  Southwestern Bell FTX988  AT&T-Lucent 9200
     Southwestern Bell RC007132  AT&T-Lucent 9030  G.E. BT23
     AT&T-Lucent 9115  Lucent 22251X  AT&T-Lucent 3470
     Lucent 3470  AT&T-Lucent 9050  Lucent 9050
     AT&T-Lucent 9452  Lucent 9107  AT&T-Lucent 22251X
     Lucent 9111  AT&T-Lucent 9112  Lucent ATLUCENT
     Radio Shack 23-295  Lucent ATT  Radio Shack 43-8026
     Lucent 22250X  Radio Shack 960-1502  Lucent 3095
     Radio Shack 23271  Lucent 9002  Radio Shack 26305
     Lucent 9105  Radio Shack 43682A  Lucent 9110
     Radio Shack GESPC902  Lucent 9452  Radio Shack 23-935
     Radio Shack 43-8024  Radio Shack CS-90012  Radio Shack 23295
     Radio Shack 43682  Radio Shack 438024  Radio Shack 9601377
     Radio Shack 9601502  Radio Shack CS90166  Radio Shack 960-1377
     Radio Shack ET-682  Radio Shack 23-271  Radio Shack 43-682
     Radio Shack 960-1465  Radio Shack CS-90166  Radio Shack 438026
     Radio Shack 9601465  Radio Shack CS90012  Radio Shack ET682
     Radio Shack GESPC915  Radio Shack 43-682A  Ameritech AM1930
     Ameritech AM1963  Ameritech VT1930C  Ameritech VT2910C
     Ameritech AM1933  Ameritech VT1910C  Ameritech VT9000
     AT-T/Lucent 9452  AT-T/Lucent 3095  Uniden 1721
     Uniden 1733  Uniden 1901  Uniden 1910C
     Uniden 1920C  Uniden 1922  Uniden VENTURER ┬áSEE AUDIOVOX
     Uniden BP999  Uniden EXS9910  Uniden EXS9965
     Uniden EXS9980  Uniden EXT1960  Uniden 9111
     Uniden 912ADLC  Uniden 915ADL  Uniden 917ADX
     Uniden 920ADL  Uniden V TECH  Uniden 2931
     Uniden 2950CI  Uniden 2961  Uniden 9000
     Uniden 9060  Uniden 9108  Uniden 1921
     Uniden 1923  Uniden 1932  Uniden 1940
     Uniden 1962  Uniden 2910  Uniden EXS9960
     Uniden 1711  Uniden 1731  Uniden 1900
     Uniden 1905  Uniden 1911  Uniden BBTY0405001
     Uniden BT999  Uniden EXS9950  Uniden EXS9966
     Uniden EXS9995  Uniden EXT1965  Uniden 914ADLI
     Uniden 916ADLI  Uniden 918ADX  Uniden 921ADL
     Uniden VENTURER  Uniden WEBCOR  Uniden 2960
     Uniden 2962  Uniden 9030  Uniden 9105
     Uniden 910ADL  Uniden 9112  Uniden 1930
     Uniden 1933  Uniden 1961  Uniden 1970
     Uniden 2920C  Uniden 2932  Vtech 80-3328-00-03
     Vtech 80-4280-00-00  Vtech 80-4290-00-00  Vtech 8040320000
     Vtech 8042800000  Vtech 9115  Vtech 9108
     Vtech 9121  Vtech 9151  Vtech 9171
     Vtech 9241  Vtech VSB BATTERY  Vtech 2920c
     Vtech 2932  Vtech 2960  Vtech 2962
     Vtech 9000  Vtech 9060  Vtech 1920c
     Vtech 1922  Vtech 1930  Vtech 1933
     Vtech 1961  Vtech 1970  Vtech 920
     Vtech 1711  Vtech 1731  Vtech 1734
     Vtech 1901  Vtech 1910c  Vtech 8041340200
     Vtech 8043140000  Vtech 80-4134-02-00  Vtech 912
     Vtech 915  Vtech 917  Vtech 9181
     Vtech ADL BATTERY  Vtech 80-4032-00-00  Vtech 80-4314-00-00
     Vtech 910ADL  Vtech 8033280003  Vtech 2961
     Vtech 5879  Vtech 9105  Vtech 9111
     Vtech 9141  Vtech 9155  Vtech 1932
     Vtech 1940  Vtech 1962  Vtech 2910
     Vtech 2931  Vtech 2950ci  Vtech 1733
     Vtech 1900  Vtech 1905  Vtech 1911
     Vtech 1921  Vtech 1923  Vtech 910
     Vtech 914  Vtech 916  Vtech 918
     Vtech 921  Vtech 1721
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