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SDB-3323 Laptop Battery - Lithium-Ion - Ultra High Capacity Rechargeable (6 Cell - 4400 mAh - 49wh - 11.1 Volt) Replacement for SQU-715 Laptop Battery
SDB-3323 Laptop Battery - Lithium-Ion - Ultra High Capacity Rechargeable (6 Cell - 4400 mAh - 49wh - 11.1 Volt) Replacement for SQU-715 Laptop Battery
Item: #SDB-3323 | MFG: #SDB-3323
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Accessories Features
Dynamic Power
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Item: #SDA-3556 | MFG: #SDA-3556
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Dynamic Power
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This Ultra high-capacity laptop Battery is a replacement for the original SWU-715 laptop Battery . Dynamic Power laptop Batteries feature full mAh. should you need a new laptop battery for any reason, to replace an old one, or to have a spare, Dynamic Power is the best choice, the lithium-Ion is light weight and the quality is superior.

  • Battery is 100% OEM Compatible

  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications

  • Our Policy

    East Coast Photo's policy is to provide our customers with superior customer service. All of our products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, please return the product(s) to us within 30 days for refund or exchange.

    Item Includes

    3 Year limited Warranty

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     SDB-3323 Battery is Compatible with the following Laptops:
     Gateway C-120  Gateway C-120X  Gateway C140
     Gateway C141  Gateway C142  Gateway C143
     Gateway M Series T-6823c  Gateway M Series T-6817c  Gateway M Series T-6818c
     Gateway M Series T-6819c  Gateway M Series T-6820c  Gateway M Series T-6821c
     Gateway M Series T-6822c  Gateway M Series T-6801m  Gateway M Series T-6802m
     Gateway M Series T-6815  Gateway M Series T-6815h  Gateway M Series T-6816
     Gateway M Series T-6816h  Gateway M Series T-1622  Gateway M Series T-1625
     Gateway M Series T6300  Gateway M Series T-6308c  Gateway M Series T-6311
     Gateway M Series T-6800 Series  Gateway M Series M-6339U  Gateway M Series M-6340U
     Gateway M Series T-160  Gateway M Series T-1616  Gateway M Series T-1620
     Gateway M Series T-1621  Gateway M Series M-6325  Gateway M Series M-6332
     Gateway M Series M-6333  Gateway M Series M-6334  Gateway M Series M-6335
     Gateway M Series M-6337  Gateway M Series M-6318  Gateway M Series M-6319
     Gateway M Series M-6320  Gateway M Series M-6322  Gateway M Series M-6323
     Gateway M Series M-6324  Gateway M Series M-6308  Gateway M Series M-6309
     Gateway M Series M-6312  Gateway M Series M-6315  Gateway M Series M-6316
     Gateway M Series M-6317  Gateway M Series M-6000  Gateway M Series M-6205M
     Gateway M Series M-6206M  Gateway M Series M-6207M  Gateway M Series M-6305
     Gateway M Series M-6307  Gateway M Series M-2414u  Gateway M Series M-2421u
     Gateway M Series M-2623u  Gateway M Series M-2624u  Gateway M Series M-2625u
     Gateway M Series M-2626u  Gateway M Series M-2400  Gateway M Series M-2404u
     Gateway M Series M-2408j  Gateway M Series M-2409j  Gateway M Series M-2410j
     Gateway M Series M-2410u  Gateway M Series M-1631J  Gateway M Series M-1632J
     Gateway M Series M-1634  Gateway M Series M-1634u  Gateway M Series M-2000
     Gateway M Series M-24  Gateway M Series M-1624  Gateway M Series M-1625
     Gateway M Series M-1626  Gateway M Series M-1628  Gateway M Series M-1629
     Gateway M Series M-1630J  Gateway M Series M-1618  Gateway M Series M-1618N
     Gateway M Series M-1618R  Gateway M Series M-1619J  Gateway M Series M-1622
     Gateway M Series M-1622H  Gateway M Series M-153X  Gateway M Series M-153XL
     Gateway M Series M-16  Gateway M Series M-1600  Gateway M Series M-1615
     Gateway M Series M-1617  Gateway M Series M-151XL  Gateway M Series M-152
     Gateway M Series M-152S  Gateway M Series M-152XL  Gateway M Series M-153
     Gateway M Series M-153S  Gateway M Series M-150S  Gateway M Series M-150X
     Gateway M Series M-150XL  Gateway M Series M-151  Gateway M Series M-151S
     Gateway M Series M-151X  Gateway M Series M-1400  Gateway M Series M-1408J
     Gateway M Series M-1410J  Gateway M Series M-1411J  Gateway M Series M-1412
     Gateway M Series M-150  Gateway CX2620  Gateway CX2720
     Gateway CX2726  Gateway E-155C  Gateway E-155C G
     Gateway M Series M-14  Gateway CX210  Gateway CX2608
     Gateway CX2610  Gateway CX2615  Gateway CX2618
     Gateway CX2619
     SDB-3323 Battery replaces the following OEM part numbers:
     Gateway 3301573  Gateway 3UR18650-2-T0036  Gateway 3UR18650-2-T0037
     Gateway 3UR186502T0036  Gateway 3UR186502T0037  Gateway 3UR18650F-2-ARM
     Gateway 3UR18650F2ARM  Gateway 6501164  Gateway 6501165
     Gateway 6501166  Gateway 6501171  Gateway 6501200
     Gateway 6501203  Gateway 6501214  Gateway 6501219
     Gateway 6506124R  Gateway 6506126R  Gateway 8016804R
     Gateway BT.00603.047  Gateway BT.00603.050  Gateway BT.00603.051
     Gateway BT.00603.056  Gateway BT.00607.025  Gateway BT.00607.037
     Gateway BT.0060D.002  Gateway BT.0060D.004  Gateway BT00603047
     Gateway BT00603050  Gateway BT00603051  Gateway BT00603056
     Gateway BT00607025  Gateway BT00607037  Gateway BT0060D002
     Gateway BT0060D004  Gateway GSG0715-4401  Gateway GT-M151
     Gateway GTM151  Gateway SQU-715  Gateway SQU715
     Gateway W35044LB  Gateway W35044LB-SP  Gateway W35044LB-SP2
     Gateway W35044LB-SY  Gateway W35044LBSP  Gateway W35044LBSP2
     Gateway W35044LBSY
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