Dynamic Power SDA-3501 Laptop Adapters

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SDA-3501 Laptop Adapter (16.5 Volt, 3.65 Amp, 60 Watt)
SDA-3501 Laptop Adapter (16.5 Volt, 3.65 Amp, 60 Watt)
Item: #SDA-3501 | MFG: #SDA-3501
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Dynamic Power
SDA-3551 Laptop DC Adapter / Car Charger (16.5 Volt, 3.65 Amp, 60 Watt)
Item: #SDA-3551 | MFG: #SDA-3551
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This high-capacity laptop adapter is a replacement for many original laptop adapters . Dynamic Power laptop Adapters feature full voltage & amp, which ensures a speedy laptop battery recharge. Also, our laptop adapters are lightweight & compact, and can be carried in laptop cases or other small bags, so they are handy wherever you go.

  • Adapter is 100% OEM Compatible

  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications

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    East Coast Photo's policy is to provide our customers with superior customer service. All of our products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, please return the product(s) to us within 30 days for refund or exchange.

    Item Includes

    3 Year limited Warranty

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     SDA-3501 AC Adapter is Compatible with the following Laptops:
     Apple MacBook 13 MA472  Apple MacBook 13 MA472*/A  Apple MacBook 13 MA472B/A
     Apple MacBook 13 MA472CH/A  Apple MacBook 13 MA472F/A  Apple MacBook 13 MA472J/A
     Apple MacBook MB404LL/A  Apple MacBook MB063J/A  Apple MacBook MB063LL/A
     Apple MacBook MB063X/A  Apple MacBook MB404/A  Apple MacBook MB404B/A
     Apple MacBook MB404J/A  Apple MacBook MA701CH/A  Apple MacBook MA701J/A
     Apple MacBook MA701LL/A  Apple MacBook MB063/A  Apple MacBook MB063B/A
     Apple MacBook MB063CH/A  Apple MacBook MA472J/A  Apple MacBook MA472LL/A
     Apple MacBook MA472SA/A  Apple MacBook MA701  Apple MacBook MA701/A
     Apple MacBook MA701B/A  Apple MacBook A1181  Apple MacBook MA472
     Apple MacBook MA472/A  Apple MacBook MA472B/A  Apple MacBook MA472CH/A
     Apple MacBook MA472F/A  Apple MacBook Pro MB133X/A  Apple MacBook Pro MB134*/A
     Apple MacBook Pro MB134B/A  Apple MacBook Pro MB134J/A  Apple MacBook Pro MB134LL/A
     Apple MacBook Pro MB134X/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA896RS/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA896X/A
     Apple MacBook Pro MB133*/A  Apple MacBook Pro MB133B/A  Apple MacBook Pro MB133J/A
     Apple MacBook Pro MB133LL/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA895X/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA896*/A
     Apple MacBook Pro MA896CH/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA896J/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA896KH/A
     Apple MacBook Pro MA896LL  Apple MacBook Pro MA895*/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA895CH/A
     Apple MacBook Pro MA895J/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA895KH/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA895LL
     Apple MacBook Pro MA895RS/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA610B/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA610CH/A
     Apple MacBook Pro MA610J/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA610KH/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA610LL
     Apple MacBook Pro MA610X/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA609KH/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA609LL
     Apple MacBook Pro MA609X/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA610  Apple MacBook Pro MA610*/A
     Apple MacBook Pro MA610*D/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA609  Apple MacBook Pro MA609*/A
     Apple MacBook Pro MA609*D/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA609B/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA609CH/A
     Apple MacBook Pro MA609J/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA601J/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA601KH/A
     Apple MacBook Pro MA601LL  Apple MacBook Pro MA601LL/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA601TA/A
     Apple MacBook Pro MA601X/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA600KH/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA600LL
     Apple MacBook Pro MA600LL/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA600TA/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA600X/A
     Apple MacBook Pro MA601  Apple MacBook Pro MA464LL  Apple MacBook Pro MA464LL/A
     Apple MacBook Pro MA464ZH/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA464ZH/CTO  Apple MacBook Pro MA600
     Apple MacBook Pro MA600J/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA463ZH/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA463ZH/HD100
     Apple MacBook Pro MA464  Apple MacBook Pro MA464CH/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA464J/A
     Apple MacBook Pro MA464KH/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA463  Apple MacBook Pro MA463CH/A
     Apple MacBook Pro MA463J/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA463KH/A  Apple MacBook Pro MA463LL
     Apple MacBook Pro MA463LL/A  Apple iBook G4 12 Inch  Apple iBook M7699J/A
     Apple iBook M9426ZH/A  Apple MacBook 5.2  Apple mid-2009
     Apple MacBook Pro A1150  Apple iBook G4 M9623X/A  Apple iBook G4 M9623ZH/A
     Apple iBook G4 M9846/A  Apple iBook G4 M9846CH/A  Apple iBook G4 M9846LL/A
     Apple iBook G4 M9846X/A  Apple iBook G4 M9164LL/A  Apple iBook G4 M9426LL/A
     Apple iBook G4 M9623  Apple iBook G4 M9623/A  Apple iBook G4 M9623CH/A
     Apple iBook G4 M9623LL/A  Apple iBook G3 M9018LL/A  Apple iBook G3 M9018S/A
     Apple iBook G3 M9018T/A  Apple iBook G3 M9018Y/A  Apple iBook G4 A1054
     Apple iBook G4 A1133  Apple iBook G3 M8861S/A  Apple iBook G3 M8861T/A
     Apple iBook G3 M8861Y/A  Apple iBook G3 M9018/A  Apple iBook G3 M9018B/A
     Apple iBook G3 M9018J/A  Apple iBook G3 M8860T/A  Apple iBook G3 M8860Y/A
     Apple iBook G3 M8861/A  Apple iBook G3 M8861B/A  Apple iBook G3 M8861J/A
     Apple iBook G3 M8861LL/A  Apple iBook G3 M8758Y/A  Apple iBook G3 M8860/A
     Apple iBook G3 M8860B/A  Apple iBook G3 M8860J/A  Apple iBook G3 M8860LL/A
     Apple iBook G3 M8860S/A  Apple iBook G3 M8758/A  Apple iBook G3 M8758B/A
     Apple iBook G3 M8758J/A  Apple iBook G3 M8758LL/A  Apple iBook G3 M8758S/A
     Apple iBook G3 M8758T/A  Apple iBook G3 M8599J/C  Apple iBook G3 M8599LL/C
     Apple iBook G3 M8600J/A  Apple iBook G3 M8600LL/A  Apple iBook G3 M8602J/A
     Apple iBook G3 M8602LL/A  Apple iBook G3 M8520LL/A  Apple iBook G3 M8597J/A
     Apple iBook G3 M8597J/C  Apple iBook G3 M8597LL/C  Apple iBook G3 M8598J/A
     Apple iBook G3 M8599J/A  Apple iBook G4 14 Inch  Apple iBook G3 M7692J/A
     Apple iBook G3 M7692LL/A  Apple iBook G3 M7698J/A  Apple iBook G3 M7698LL/A
     Apple iBook G3 M8520J/A  Apple iBook G4 M9628ZH/A  Apple iBook G4 M9848/A
     Apple iBook G4 M9848B/A  Apple iBook G4 M9848CH/A  Apple iBook G4 M9848LL/A
     Apple iBook G4 M9848X/A  Apple iBook G4 M9628/A  Apple iBook G4 M9628CH/A
     Apple iBook G4 M9628F/A  Apple iBook G4 M9628J/A  Apple iBook G4 M9628LL/A
     Apple iBook G4 M9628X/A  Apple iBook G4 M9627F/A  Apple iBook G4 M9627J/A
     Apple iBook G4 M9627LL/A  Apple iBook G4 M9627X/A  Apple iBook G4 M9627ZH/A
     Apple iBook G4 M9628  Apple iBook G4 M9418ZH/A  Apple iBook G4 M9419LL/A
     Apple iBook G4 M9419ZH/A  Apple iBook G4 M9627  Apple iBook G4 M9627/A
     Apple iBook G4 M9627CH/A  Apple iBook G4 M9388B/A  Apple iBook G4 M9388CH/A
     Apple iBook G4 M9388J/A  Apple iBook G4 M9388LL/A  Apple iBook G4 M9388X/A
     Apple iBook G4 M9418LL/A  Apple iBook G4 M9165/A  Apple iBook G4 M9165B/A
     Apple iBook G4 M9165CH/A  Apple iBook G4 M9165J/A  Apple iBook G4 M9165LL/A
     Apple iBook G4 M9165X/A  Apple iBook G3 M9009S/A  Apple iBook G3 M9009T/A
     Apple iBook G3 M9009Y/A  Apple iBook G3 13 Inch  Apple iBook G4 A1055
     Apple iBook G4 A1134  Apple iBook G3 M8862T/A  Apple iBook G3 M8862Y/A
     Apple iBook G3 M9009/A  Apple iBook G3 M9009B/A  Apple iBook G3 M9009J/A
     Apple iBook G3 M9009LL/A  Apple iBook G3 M8603Y/A  Apple iBook G3 M8862/A
     Apple iBook G3 M8862B/A  Apple iBook G3 M8862J/A  Apple iBook G3 M8862LL/A
     Apple iBook G3 M8862S/A  Apple iBook G3 M7701LL/A  Apple iBook G3 M8603/A
     Apple iBook G3 M8603J/A  Apple iBook G3 M8603LL/A  Apple iBook G3 M8603S/A
     Apple iBook G3 M8603T/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9969J/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9969KH/A
     Apple PowerBook G4 M9969LL/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9969TA/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9969X/A
     Apple iBook G3 M7701J/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9677X/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9677Z/A
     Apple PowerBook G4 M9969/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9969B/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9969CH/A
     Apple PowerBook G4 M9969F/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9677F/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9677HK/A
     Apple PowerBook G4 M9677J/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9677KH/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9677LL/A
     Apple PowerBook G4 M9677TA/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9676TA/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9676X/A
     Apple PowerBook G4 M9676Z/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9677/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9677B/A
     Apple PowerBook G4 M9677CH/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9676CH/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9676F/A
     Apple PowerBook G4 M9676HK/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9676J/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9676KH/A
     Apple PowerBook G4 M9676LL/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9421  Apple PowerBook G4 M9421LL/A
     Apple PowerBook G4 M9422  Apple PowerBook G4 M9422LL/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M9676/A
     Apple PowerBook G4 M9676B/A  Apple PowerBook G4 A1106  Apple PowerBook G4 Aluminum
     Apple PowerBook G4 M8980J/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M8980LL/A  Apple PowerBook G4 M8981J/A
     Apple PowerBook G4 M8981LL/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB403J/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB403LL/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB403X/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB881LL/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MC374LL/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MC375LL/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB402B/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB402J/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB402LL/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB402X/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB403*/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB403B/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB062B/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB062CH/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB062J/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB062LL/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB062X/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB402*/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB061B/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB061CH/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB061J/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB061LL/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB061X/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB062*/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA700CH/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA700J/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA700LL/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA700TA/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA700X/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MB061*/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA699LL/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA699TA/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA699X/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA700  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA700*/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA700B/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA255X/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA699
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA699*/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA699B/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA699CH/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA699J/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA255CH/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA255F/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA255J/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA255LL/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA255SA/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA255TA/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA254SA/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA254TA/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA254X/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA255  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA255*/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA255B/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA254*/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA254B/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA254CH/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA254F/A  Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA254J/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA254LL/A  Apple MacBook 13 MB404*/A  Apple MacBook 13 MB404B/A
     Apple MacBook 13 MB404J/A  Apple MacBook 13 MB404LL/A  Apple MacBook 13 MB404X/A
     Apple APPLE MacBook 13 MA254  Apple MacBook 13 MB063*/A  Apple MacBook 13 MB063B/A
     Apple MacBook 13 MB063CH/A  Apple MacBook 13 MB063J/A  Apple MacBook 13 MB063LL/A
     Apple MacBook 13 MB063X/A  Apple MacBook 13 MA701B/A  Apple MacBook 13 MA701CH/A
     Apple MacBook 13 MA701J/A  Apple MacBook 13 MA701LL/A  Apple MacBook 13 MA701TA/A
     Apple MacBook 13 MA701X/A  Apple MacBook 13 MA472LL/A  Apple MacBook 13 MA472SA/A
     Apple MacBook 13 MA472TA/A  Apple MacBook 13 MA472X/A  Apple MacBook 13 MA701
     Apple MacBook 13 MA701*/A
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