Empire EM-SLA12-6 UPS Batteries

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Empire SLA12-6 Sealed Lead Acid Battery (6 Volt, 12 Ah) Ultra High Capacity
SLA12-6 Sealed Lead Acid Battery (6 Volt, 12 Ah) Ultra High Capacity
Item: #EM-SLA12-6 | MFG: #SLA12-6
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This Ultra high-capacity UPS Power battery is the best choice for a replacement for your original UPS Power battery. This Powerfull UPS Power battery feature full mAh, should you need a new UPS Power battery for any reason, to have a spare one, to replace an old one. This battery is the best choice, the battery is Powerfull and the quality is superior.

  • Battery is 100% OEM Compatible

  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications

  • Specifications
  • Battery Size
  • (LxWxH): 4.25 x 2.76 x 5.51 Inches
  • Voltage
  • 6V
  • Capacity
  • 12Ah
  • Limited Warranty
  • 1 Year
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    Item Includes

    1 Year limited Warranty

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     EM-SLA12-6 Battery is Compatible with the following SLA UPS Rhino:
     General Scanning RS252 CHANNEL RECORDER  GS Portalac PX016120  Light Alarms 2F12G1
     Light Alarms 2S12E3  Light Alarms 5N31HW - - SAVE PLUG  Light Alarms 6RPG3
     Light Alarms 8500015  Light Alarms CE15AR - - SAVE PLUG  Light Alarms SG12E3
     Light Alarms 6RPG-3  Light Alarms 6RPG3H  Light Alarms CE15AE
     Light Alarms CE15AT  Light Alarms CEI-5AR  Light Alarms SG12E1
     Light Alarms CE15CA  Light Alarms CEI-5AT  Light Alarms SG12E2
     Light Alarms SG12E4  Light Alarms 2Fl2Gl  Light Alarms 5N3-1 HW
     Marquette MAC VU  Marquette 3 CHANNEL MAC VU EKG  Mobilizer 5 PATIENT TRANSPORT
     Mobilizer 5 MONITOR  Mobilizer EP1280  Mule 12GC050M
     Mule 12GC050M (OPTION)  Zareba 7068.92  Emerson 3KVA
     Emerson AP161  Emerson AP160  Emerson 30
     Elcom EP12801  Interstate Batteries BSL0975  Interstate Batteries BSL1106
     Quantum WP9.6-6  Quantum WP956  Access Battery SLA6120
     Access Battery SLA12120  ADT Security 899953  Alaris Medical 800 INFUSION PUMPS (1995 FACTORY UPG
     Alaris Medical INFUSION PUMP 800 (1995 FACTORY UPG  Alaris Medical 900 INFUSION PUMPS (1995 FACTORY UPG  Alaris Medical INFUSION PUMP 900 (1995 FACTORY UPG
     Atlite PS695  Atlite 241004  Brinkmann 450008700
     Centrimed (3m Healthcare) BLOOD PUMP  Chloride 100-001-0113  Chloride 100001 ALL
     Chloride 1000010113  Chloride 6V110AH  Chloride GC690
     Chloride TMF50TV2  Chloride 100-001-0044  Chloride 100-001-ALL
     Chloride 1000010044  Chloride 100N67  Chloride 6Vl1.0AH
     Chloride GC960  Dual-lite 12-612  Dual-lite 12-294
     Dual-lite A74-TN2  Eagle Picher Batteries CF12V9  Eagle Picher Batteries CF6V14
     Eagle Picher Batteries CF6V9(OPTION)  Eagle Picher Batteries CFM12V12  Eagle Picher Batteries CFM12V12L (OPTION)
     Eagle Picher Batteries CFM12V9L  Eagle Picher Batteries CFM12V12L  Eagle Picher Batteries CFM12V12LPP
     Eagle Picher Batteries CFM12V9L (OPTION)  Eagle Picher Batteries CFM6V24  Eagle Picher Batteries CFM6V12
     Eagle Picher Batteries CVM6V12  Eagle Picher Batteries CF12V12L  Eagle Picher Batteries CF12V9L
     Eagle Picher Batteries CF6V9  Eagle Picher Batteries CF6V95  ELS C10
     ELS EDS1295E  ELS EDS6120  ELS EDS12120L
     ELS EDS1295S  ELS EDS695  Elsar 16222
     Elsar 2334  Elsar 418  Elsar 436
     Elsar 2330  Elsar 414  Elsar 420
     Elsar 438  Excide M-2001  Otis Elevator C11271E
     Otis Elevator 718AACI  Otis Elevator EP1295  Power House 901
     R & D Batteries 5377  R & D Batteries 5380  Sentry Lite PM695
     Sonnenchein A206/12G  Sonnenchein PS12120L  Sonnenchein 4245139800
     Sonnenchein M2001  Sonnenchein PS695  Sure Light 26000A08
     Sure Light 2654  Sure Light SLP654  Sure Light 2600OA08
     Sure Light SL2654  Teal 1180066  Teal B86
     Teal S68  Teal 1180023  Teal B8
     Teal BB  Teal S686  Teledyne Big Beam 1180013
     Teledyne Big Beam 2BR6S20  Teledyne Big Beam 2CL6S10  Teledyne Big Beam 2IL12S10
     Teledyne Big Beam 2IM6S10  Teledyne Big Beam 2MQ6S10  Teledyne Big Beam HSC6Gl 6
     Teledyne Big Beam RSC6G8  Teledyne Big Beam S610  Teledyne Big Beam SC668
     Teledyne Big Beam SC6G8  Teledyne Big Beam SQ6S10  Teledyne Big Beam H2PHE6S40
     Teledyne Big Beam H2RQ12S10  Teledyne Big Beam H2SC5S10  Teledyne Big Beam H2SC6S20
     Teledyne Big Beam HRSC6G8  Teledyne Big Beam HSC6G16  Teledyne Big Beam ET6S16
     Teledyne Big Beam ET6SB  Teledyne Big Beam ET6Sl6  Teledyne Big Beam H2BR12S10
     Teledyne Big Beam H2IM6S10  Teledyne Big Beam H2PHE12S20  Teledyne Big Beam 2RQ6S20
     Teledyne Big Beam 2SC6S20  Teledyne Big Beam 2SE6S20  Teledyne Big Beam B8
     Teledyne Big Beam C12018A  Teledyne Big Beam CO6252E  Teledyne Big Beam 1180065
     Teledyne Big Beam 2CL12S10  Teledyne Big Beam 2CL6S20  Teledyne Big Beam 2IL6S20
     Teledyne Big Beam 2IQ6S20  Teledyne Big Beam 2RL6S10PH  Teledyne Big Beam HSC6G8
     Teledyne Big Beam RSC6G16  Teledyne Big Beam RSC6Gl6  Teledyne Big Beam S68
     Teledyne Big Beam SC6G16  Teledyne Big Beam SC6Gl6  Teledyne Big Beam H2PHE6S20
     Teledyne Big Beam H2RL6S10  Teledyne Big Beam H2SC12S10  Teledyne Big Beam H2SC616
     Teledyne Big Beam HRSC6G16  Teledyne Big Beam HRSC6Gl6  Teledyne Big Beam ET6S10
     Teledyne Big Beam ET6S8  Teledyne Big Beam ET6Sl0  Teledyne Big Beam GC690
     Teledyne Big Beam H2ET6S10  Teledyne Big Beam H2MQ6S10  Teledyne Big Beam 2RL6S10R
     Teledyne Big Beam 2SC6S10  Teledyne Big Beam 2SE6S10  Teledyne Big Beam 6CG9
     Teledyne Big Beam C06252E  Teledyne Big Beam CC9181E  Tork 40
     Tork 750  Tork C01301E  Tork 430
     Tork 75D  Toro Mfg. Co. 51556  Toro Mfg. Co. 8040394
     Toro Mfg. Co. 02058N  Toro Mfg. Co. 70  Trio Lighting TL930018
     Trio Lighting TL930011  WoodStream 301-528  Fire Lite 40
     Fire Lite L430  Fire Lite CG0600S  FISHOCK 301-528
     Fi-shock 301-528R  Fi-shock 301-528  Fi-shock SS-3000
     Gamewell 69114  Guardian Douglas DG6-9.5  Guardian Douglas DG6-12
     Guardian Douglas Batteries DG1212 - - 12 AMP  Guardian Douglas Batteries DG1295A  Guardian Douglas Batteries DG612A
     Guardian Douglas Batteries DG695A  Guardian Douglas Batteries DG1212  Guardian Douglas Batteries DG1295
     Guardian Douglas Batteries DG612  Guardian Douglas Batteries DG69.5  Johnson Control Batteries GC690
     Johnson Control Batteries JC6120  Johnson Control Batteries GC695  Johnson Control Batteries JC695
     Lintronics MX06095  Lithonia CF1 822  Lithonia ELB-0612
     Lithonia ELB-0690  Lithonia ELB0609  Lithonia ELB0610/12
     Lithonia ELB06122  Lithonia EMB-20609  Lithonia EMB2060901
     Lithonia ELU2 12VOLT  Lithonia ELU28  Lithonia ELU2C
     Lithonia ELU2P  Lithonia ELU3C  Lithonia ELU3X
     Lithonia ELR2  Lithonia ELU-2  Lithonia ELU-2C
     Lithonia ELU-2P  Lithonia ELU-3C  Lithonia ELU-3X
     Lithonia ELB-1212  Lithonia ELB0609 - - IF 51/2 TALL  Lithonia ELB0612
     Lithonia ELB0690  Lithonia ELG-4  Lithonia ELR-2
     Lithonia ELU2X  Lithonia ELU3CM  Lithonia EMB-2060-901
     Lithonia EMB20609  Lithonia ELB-0609 IF 5 42371  Lithonia ELB-0612-2
     Lithonia ELU-2X  Lithonia ELU-3CM  Lithonia ELU2
     Lithonia ELU2-  Lithonia ELU2BTY  Lithonia ELU2CM
     Lithonia ELB1212  Lithonia ELG4  Lithonia ELR-4
     Lithonia ELR4  Lithonia ELU-2BTY  Lithonia ELU-2CM
     Long Batteries WP126  Long Batteries WP956 FASTON  Long Batteries WP956 - - NO LDS
     National Battery C18B  National Battery C25AD  National Power Corporation 30045
     National Power Corporation GS030R1  National Power Corporation GT050R4  National Power Corporation GS025R1
     National Power Corporation GS036R1  Newmax FNC695  North Supply 782223
     Panasonic LCR0612P  Panasonic LCR865P  Hitachi HPB-6
     Hitachi HP86  Empire SLAC-6500   Empire SLAC-6500 
     APC 600  APC 600RM  APC 600R
     Nesco 326R12001  Alexander GB6120  Avi CENTRIFUGE PUMP
     Avi 7800 CENTRIFUGE  Big Beam 2SC6S20  Big Beam H2SC12Sl0
     Big Beam H2SC6S20  Big Beam 2IL6S20  Big Beam 2SC6Sl0
     Big Beam H2SC5Sl0  Carpenter Watchman 610850R000  Carpenter Watchman A074
     Carpenter Watchman 713526  China Storage Battery GH695  Continental Scale 5000 SYSTEM 1
     Continental Scale 1 SYSTEM  Continental Scale SYSTEM 1  Dual Lite 12294
     Dual Lite A74TN2  Dual Lite 12612  Dyna Cell WP956
     Dyna Ray B6V9  Dyna Ray S18201 OPTION - - USE OUR  Dyna Ray 899953
     Dyna Ray S18201  Emergi-lite 12-DSE-54  Emergi-lite 12-KSM-4
     Emergi-lite 12-LSM-1 1 0  Emergi-lite 12-LSM-162  Emergi-lite 12-LSM-54
     Emergi-lite 12-LSM-7  Emergi-lite TSM 27  Emergi-lite TSM-27-2
     Emergi-lite TSM272  Emergi-lite JSM42  Emergi-lite KSM272
     Emergi-lite LSM542  Emergi-lite M3-G  Emergi-lite M3G
     Emergi-lite M5  Emergi-lite 6M6  Emergi-lite 6TSM3
     Emergi-lite 80-019  Emergi-lite JSM-27  Emergi-lite JSM-36
     Emergi-lite JSM27  Emergi-lite 6KSM5  Emergi-lite 6LSM-3
     Emergi-lite 6LSM3  Emergi-lite 6LSM5  Emergi-lite 6M4
     Emergi-lite 6M4CS  Emergi-lite 6-JSM-3  Emergi-lite 6-KSM-5
     Emergi-lite 6-LSM-6  Emergi-lite 6-TSM-4  Emergi-lite 6KSM-4
     Emergi-lite 6KSM3  Emergi-lite 12M4CS  Emergi-lite 12M6-G
     Emergi-lite 12M7  Emergi-lite 12Ml  Emergi-lite 12SM11001
     Emergi-lite 24M6G  Emergi-lite 12KSM6  Emergi-lite 12LSM110
     Emergi-lite 12LSM162  Emergi-lite 12LSM54  Emergi-lite 12LSM7
     Emergi-lite 12M4  Emergi-lite 12-KSM-6  Emergi-lite 12-LSM-11001
     Emergi-lite 12-LSM-4  Emergi-lite 12-LSM-6  Emergi-lite 12C2002
     Emergi-lite 12JSM54  Emergi-lite M4  Emergi-lite TSM 1102
     Emergi-lite TSM-110-2  Emergi-lite TSM-54  Emergi-lite TSM54
     Emergi-lite 12-JSM-54  Emergi-lite JSM-4-2  Emergi-lite JSM272
     Emergi-lite KSM-27-2  Emergi-lite LSM-54-2  Emergi-lite M3-019
     Emergi-lite M3019  Emergi-lite 6M4-CS  Emergi-lite 6M5
     Emergi-lite 6MB  Emergi-lite 6TSM4  Emergi-lite 80019
     Emergi-lite JSM-27-2  Emergi-lite 6KSM-6  Emergi-lite 6KSM4
     Emergi-lite 6KSM6  Emergi-lite 6LSM-4  Emergi-lite 6LSM4
     Emergi-lite 6LSM6  Emergi-lite 24M6-G  Emergi-lite 24M8
     Emergi-lite 6-KSM-3  Emergi-lite 6-LSM-5  Emergi-lite 6-TSM-3
     Emergi-lite 6JSM3  Emergi-lite 12M1  Emergi-lite 12M4-CS
     Emergi-lite 12M6  Emergi-lite 12M6G  Emergi-lite 12MC
     Emergi-lite 12SM-1 1 0-01  Emergi-lite 12DSE54  Emergi-lite 12KSM4
     Emergi-lite 12LC2002  Emergi-lite 12LSM11001  Emergi-lite 12LSM4
     Emergi-lite 12LSM6  Optronics A5012  Power Cell PC6120
     Power Patrol SLA0975  Power Patrol SLA1106  Power Sonic PS1210S
     Power Sonic PS6120  Power Sonic PS696  Power Sonic PS6105
     Power Sonic PS695  Power Star Batteries GB1295  Power Star Batteries GB695
     Power Star Batteries G8695  Power Star Batteries GB6120  Powersonic PS12120L
     Powersonic PS1295S  Powersonic PS6105  Powersonic PS6120FP
     Powersonic PS12120FP  Powersonic PS1295  Powersonic PS23230FP
     Powersonic PS6120  Powersonic PS695  Powertron PE106RF1
     Powertron PS12120L  SBS S6120  SBS S695
     Storage Battery Systems S12120L  Storage Battery Systems S6120  Storage Battery Systems S1295
     Storage Battery Systems S695  Technacell EP1212004  Technacell EP12120F
     Technacell EP12801  Technacell EP129501  Technacell EP6120
     Technacell EP61201  Technacell EP12951  Technacell EP612001
     Technacell EP695  Technacell EP6951  Technacell TC1295
     Technacell TC695  Technacell EP69501  Technacell TC12120
     Technacell TC6120  Technacell EP121201  Technacell EP1280
     Technacell EP1295  Teledyne 2BR6S20  Teledyne 2CL6S10
     Teledyne 2EQ6S20  Teledyne 2IM6Sl0  Teledyne SQ6Sl0
     Teledyne 2RL6Sl0PH  Teledyne 2SE6S20  Teledyne H2ET6Sl0
     Teledyne H2MQ6Sl0  Teledyne H2PHE6S20  Teledyne H2RL6Sl0
     Teledyne H2RQ12Sl0  Teledyne 2CL12Sl0  Teledyne 2CL6S20
     Teledyne 2IL12Sl0  Teledyne 2IQ6S20  Teledyne 2MQ6Sl0
     Teledyne 2RL6Sl0R  Teledyne 2SE6Sl0  Teledyne H2lM6Sl0
     Teledyne H2PHE12S20  Teledyne H2PHE6S40  Union Battery MX06095 W/TABS
     Union Battery PW0612  Union Battery MX06095  Union Battery PW0609.5
     York-wide Light 40000  York-wide Light S25P213
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