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Empire EM-CPB-403B - Ni-CD, 3.6 Volt, 400 mAh, Ultra Hi-Capacity Battery - Replacement Battery for At&t/Avaya 2C1 Cordless Phone Battery
EM-CPB-403B - Ni-CD, 3.6 Volt, 400 mAh, Ultra Hi-Capacity Battery - Replacement Battery for At&t/Avaya 2C1 Cordless Phone Battery
Item: #EM-CPB-403B | MFG: #CS-ADL930CL
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Our Price: $7.25
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This Ultra high-capacity cordless phone battery is the best choice for a replacement for your original cordless phone battery. This cordless phone battery feature full mAh, should you need a new cordless phone battery for any reason, to have a spare one, to replace an old one. This battery is the best choice, the battery is light weight and the quality is superior.

  • Battery is 100% OEM Compatible

  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications

  • Specifications
  • Capacity
  • 400 mAh
  • Voltage
  • 3.6
  • Chemistry
  • Ni-CD
  • Limited Warranty
  • 1 Year
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    Item Includes

    1 Year limited Warranty

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     EM-CPB-403B Battery is Compatible with the following Cordless Phones:
     Southwestern Bell BT185  Southwestern Bell CT301  Southwestern Bell FT6503
     Southwestern Bell FT6505  Southwestern Bell FT6515  Southwestern Bell FT6603
     Southwestern Bell FT9506  Southwestern Bell RC003029  Southwestern Bell RC004362
     Southwestern Bell TRB6500  Southwestern Bell S60508  Southwestern Bell FT9003
     Southwestern Bell FT9005  Southwestern Bell FT9006  Southwestern Bell FT9066
     Southwestern Bell FT9305  Southwestern Bell FT9306  Southwestern Bell FT7305
     Southwestern Bell FT7505  Southwestern Bell FT7515  Southwestern Bell FT7517
     Southwestern Bell FT7807  Southwestern Bell FT7907  Southwestern Bell FT6604
     Southwestern Bell FT6615  Southwestern Bell FT7006  Southwestern Bell FT7106
     Southwestern Bell FT7116  Southwestern Bell FT7257  General Electric 29519A
     General Electric 29630A  General Electric BT11  Lucent 24027X
     Lucent 4068  Lucent 4905  Lucent 4935
     Lucent 4952  Sharp SPPQ110  Sharp SPPQ120
     Sharp SPPQ150  Sanyo PCH02  Sanyo 3N270AA(MTM)
     Sanyo 3N270AA(MTM)  Sanyo GESPCH02  Sanyo GESPCH02
     Sanyo 3N-270AA(mtm)  Sanyo 23617  Sanyo GES-PCH02
     Toshiba FT-6003BK  Toshiba FT-6303BK  Toshiba FT-6503BK
     Toshiba RC-003029  Toshiba RC-004362  Toshiba DX34
     Toshiba XE785  Toshiba FT-7007BK  Toshiba XCI667
     Toshiba XE355  Toshiba XE365  Toshiba XE660
     Toshiba XE665  Toshiba XE667  Toshiba FT9506
     Toshiba TRB6500  Toshiba XCA4515  Toshiba XCAI680
     Toshiba XCI660  Toshiba XCI665  Toshiba FT9003
     Toshiba FT9005  Toshiba FT9006  Toshiba FT9066
     Toshiba FT9305  Toshiba FT9306  Toshiba FT7305
     Toshiba FT7505  Toshiba FT7515  Toshiba FT7517
     Toshiba FT7807  Toshiba FT7907  Toshiba FT6604
     Toshiba FT6615  Toshiba FT7006  Toshiba FT7106
     Toshiba FT7116  Toshiba FT7257  Toshiba FT-9066
     Toshiba FT-9305  Toshiba FT-9306  Toshiba FT-9506
     Toshiba RC003029  Toshiba RC004362  Toshiba FT-7517
     Toshiba FT-7807  Toshiba FT-7907  Toshiba FT-9003
     Toshiba FT-9005  Toshiba FT-9006  Toshiba FT-7106
     Toshiba FT-7116  Toshiba FT-7257  Toshiba FT-7305
     Toshiba FT-7505  Toshiba FT-7515  Toshiba FT-6505
     Toshiba FT-6515  Toshiba FT-6603  Toshiba FT-6604
     Toshiba FT-6615  Toshiba FT-7006  Toshiba FT-6202
     Toshiba FT-6203  Toshiba FT-6302  Toshiba FT-6303
     Toshiba FT-6305  Toshiba FT-6503  Toshiba FT-3005
     Toshiba FT-6002  Toshiba FT-6003  Toshiba FT-6004
     Toshiba FT-6014  Toshiba FT-6102  Toshiba FT-200
     Toshiba FT-200BK  Toshiba FT-1000  Toshiba FT-1500
     Toshiba FT-2000  Toshiba FT-2500  Toshiba FT6305
     Toshiba FT6503  Toshiba FT6505  Toshiba FT6515
     Toshiba FT6603  Toshiba TRB-6500  Toshiba FT6014
     Toshiba FT6102  Toshiba FT6202  Toshiba FT6203
     Toshiba FT6302  Toshiba FT6303  Toshiba FT200BK
     Toshiba FT2500  Toshiba FT3005  Toshiba FT6002
     Toshiba FT6003  Toshiba FT6004  Toshiba EX400
     Toshiba EX442  Toshiba FT1000  Toshiba FT1500
     Toshiba FT200  Toshiba FT2000  Toshiba DXI665S
     Toshiba DXI860  Toshiba DXI860C  Toshiba ET355
     Toshiba EX155  Toshiba EX200  Toshiba DX8200
     Toshiba DX834  Toshiba DX85  Toshiba DXAI685
     Toshiba DXC645  Toshiba DXI665  Toshiba DX3555
     Toshiba DX3565  Toshiba DX4519  Toshiba DX4534
     Toshiba DX634  Toshiba DX655S  GE TL-96156
     GE 2-9630A  GE BT-11  GE 2-9519A
     Energizer P3302  Gemini TA248  Batteries Plus 27
     Bell BE124  Interstate Batteries TEL0100  ITT PC1510
     ITT PC1600  ITT PC-1510  ITT PC-1600
     MCE QT2000  MCE QT2010  MCE QT3000
     MCE QT3200  MCE QT8200  MCE QT8610
     MCE QT-A36A  Tele-Phone TEL-5000  Tele-Phone TEL-5050
     Tele-Phone TEL-6000  Tele-Phone TEL-6050  Tele-Phone TEL-7000
     Tele-Phone TEL5000  Tele-Phone TEL5050  Tele-Phone TEL6000
     Tele-Phone TEL6050  Tele-Phone TEL7000  Unisonic 7080
     Nomad 24027X  Nomad 4068  Nomad 4905
     Nomad 4935  Nomad 4952  Muraphone KX3805
     Muraphone KX3806  Muraphone KX3807  Muraphone KXA36A
     Muraphone KXP372DH  Muraphone KXT150  Muraphone KXT3732
     Muraphone KXT3748  Muraphone KXT3800  Muraphone KXT3822
     Muraphone KXT3822A  Muraphone KXT3822B  Muraphone KXT3705
     Muraphone KXT3710  Muraphone KXT3712  Muraphone KXT3720
     Muraphone KXT3725  Muraphone KXT3730  Muraphone KXT180
     Muraphone KXT3080  Muraphone KXT3610  Muraphone KXT3620
     Muraphone KXT3640  Muraphone KXT3702  Lenmar CBC316
     Uniden BBTY-0275001  Uniden BT-185  Uniden CT-301
     Uniden DX-34  Uniden DX-355  Uniden DX-3555
     Uniden XCA680  Uniden XC714  Uniden XC716
     Uniden XC717  Uniden XC718  Uniden XCA650
     Uniden XCA660  Uniden XC610  Uniden XC611
     Uniden XC615  Uniden XC645  Uniden XC660
     Uniden XC700  Uniden XC3510  Uniden XC3510G
     Uniden XC3514  Uniden XC3515  Uniden XC3530
     Uniden XC3545  Uniden XE665  Uniden XE667
     Uniden XE785  Uniden AM468V  Uniden DX1665
     Uniden EX18560  Uniden XCI660  Uniden XCI665
     Uniden XCI667  Uniden XE355  Uniden XE365
     Uniden XE660  Uniden XCA2500  Uniden XCA2510
     Uniden XCA4500  Uniden XCA4510  Uniden XCA4515
     Uniden XCAI680  Uniden XC1660  Uniden XC3500 SERIES
     Uniden XC4519  Uniden XC4534  Uniden XC6450
     Uniden XCA600 SERIES  Uniden XC340  Uniden XC345
     Uniden XC351Y  Uniden XC365  Uniden XC600 SERIES
     Uniden XC700 SERIES  Uniden XC310  Uniden XC312
     Uniden XC314  Uniden XC315  Uniden XC320
     Uniden XC330  Uniden EX200  Uniden EX400
     Uniden EX442  Uniden XC265  Uniden XC302
     Uniden XC305  Uniden DXI665  Uniden DXI665S
     Uniden DXI860  Uniden DXI860c  Uniden ET355
     Uniden EX155  Uniden DX4519  Uniden DX4534
     Uniden DX8200  Uniden DXAI685  Uniden DXC645
     Uniden DX655s  Uniden DX34  Uniden DX85
     Uniden DX634  Uniden DX834  Uniden DX3555
     Uniden DX3565  Uniden XE-665  Uniden XE-667
     Uniden XE-785  Uniden BT185  Uniden BBTY0275001
     Uniden CT301  Uniden XCI-660  Uniden XCI-665
     Uniden XCI-667  Uniden XE-355  Uniden XE-365
     Uniden XE-660  Uniden XCA-4515  Uniden XCA-556
     Uniden XCA-650  Uniden XCA-660  Uniden XCA-680
     Uniden XCA-I680  Uniden XC-717  Uniden XC-718
     Uniden XCA-2500  Uniden XCA-2510  Uniden XCA-4500
     Uniden XCA-4510  Uniden XC-6450  Uniden XC-645C
     Uniden XC-660  Uniden XC-700  Uniden XC-714
     Uniden XC-716  Uniden XC-4534  Uniden XC-600
     Uniden XC-610  Uniden XC-611  Uniden XC-615
     Uniden XC-645  Uniden XC-351Y  Uniden XC-3530
     Uniden XC-3545  Uniden XC-365  Uniden XC-4510
     Uniden XC-4519  Uniden XC-330  Uniden XC-340
     Uniden XC-345  Uniden XC-3510  Uniden XC-3514
     Uniden XC-3515  Uniden XC-305  Uniden XC-310
     Uniden XC-312  Uniden XC-314  Uniden XC-315
     Uniden XC-320  Uniden XC-1660  Uniden XC-1665
     Uniden XC-1667  Uniden XC-265  Uniden XC-301
     Uniden XC-302  Uniden EX-155  Uniden EX-200
     Uniden EX-400  Uniden EX-442  Uniden EX-8050
     Uniden XC-15  Uniden DX-A6506  Uniden DX-AI685
     Uniden DXC-645  Uniden DXC-655  Uniden DX-I665
     Uniden DX-I860  Uniden DX-719  Uniden DX-734
     Uniden DX-8200  Uniden DX-834  Uniden DX-85
     Uniden DX-A6505  Uniden DX-3565  Uniden DX-419
     Uniden DX-434  Uniden DX-4519  Uniden DX-4534
     Uniden DX-634  Extend-a-phone BT11  Sony BP-T16
     Sony SPP-55  Sony SPP-57  Sony SPP-58
     Sony SPP-65  Sony SPP-71  Sony XCA680
     Sony XCA2500  Sony XCA2510  Sony XCA4500
     Sony XCA4510  Sony XCA650  Sony XCA660
     Sony XC660  Sony XC700  Sony XC714
     Sony XC716  Sony XC717  Sony XC718
     Sony XC4534  Sony XC610  Sony XC611
     Sony XC615  Sony XC645  Sony XC6450
     Sony XC3515  Sony XC351Y  Sony XC3530
     Sony XC3545  Sony XC365  Sony XC4519
     Sony XC330  Sony XC340  Sony XC345
     Sony XC3510  Sony XC3510G  Sony XC3514
     Sony XC305  Sony XC310  Sony XC312
     Sony XC314  Sony XC315  Sony XC320
     Sony SPPQ120  Sony SPPQ150  Sony V TECH
     Sony XC1660  Sony XC265  Sony XC302
     Sony SPPAQ500  Sony SPPAQ600  Sony SPPID300
     Sony SPPID400  Sony SPPM502  Sony SPPQ110
     Sony SPPA60  Sony SPPA700  Sony SPPAQ120
     Sony SPPAQ150  Sony SPPAQ25  Sony SPPAQ45
     Sony SPPA110  Sony SPPA20  Sony SPPA250
     Sony SPPA40  Sony SPPA400  Sony SPPA450
     Sony SPP65  Sony SPP71  Sony SPP72
     Sony SPP72C  Sony SPP73  Sony SPPA11
     Sony SPP111  Sony SPP205  Sony SPP250
     Sony SPP55  Sony SPP57  Sony SPP58
     Sony SPP-Q120  Sony SPP-Q150  Sony BPT16
     Sony BT185  Sony CT301  Sony S60508
     Sony SPP-AQ500  Sony SPP-AQ600  Sony SPP-ID300
     Sony SPP-ID400  Sony SPP-M502  Sony SPP-Q110
     Sony SPP-A450  Sony SPP-A700  Sony SPP-AQ25
     Sony SPP-AQ45  Sony SPP-AQ120  Sony SPP-AQ150
     Sony SPPQ-110  Sony SPPQ-120  Sony SPPQ-150
     Sony SPPQ-A500  Sony SPP-V72C  Sony SPP-A400
     Sony SPP-AQ60  Sony SPP-AQ65  Sony SPP-AQ700
     Sony SPP-AQ71  Sony SPP-AQ72  Sony SPP-D15
     Sony SPP-A420  Sony SPP-A57  Sony SPP-A80
     Sony SPP-AQ50  Sony SPP-AQ55  Sony SPP-AQ57
     Sony 1-528-376-31  Sony SPP-110  Sony SPP-206
     Sony SPP-9004  Sony SPP-9305  Sony SPP-A260
     Sony SPP-A11  Sony SPP-A20  Sony SPP-A40
     Sony SPP-A60  Sony SPP-A110  Sony SPP-A250
     Sony SPP-72  Sony SPP-72C  Sony SPP-73
     Sony SPP-111  Sony SPP-205  Sony SPP-250
     Panasonic KX-T3823  Panasonic KX-T3824  Panasonic KX-T3832
     Panasonic KX-T3848  Panasonic KX-T3848R  Panasonic KX-T3850R
     Panasonic TYPE 2  Panasonic 3807  Panasonic KXTCM440
     Panasonic PP301  Panasonic PP301  Panasonic PQP25F301A
     Panasonic PQP25F301A  Panasonic TYPE 2  Panasonic KXTCM418
     Panasonic KXTCM418  Panasonic KXTCM420  Panasonic KXTCM422
     Panasonic KXTCM424  Panasonic KXTCM424  Panasonic KXTCC425
     Panasonic KXTCM410  Panasonic KXTCM410  Panasonic KXTCM412
     Panasonic KXTCM415  Panasonic KXTCM417  Panasonic KXTC4310
     Panasonic KXTCC106  Panasonic KXTCC106  Panasonic KXTCC116
     Panasonic KXTCC116  Panasonic KXTCC425  Panasonic KXTC289
     Panasonic KXTC415  Panasonic KXTC415  Panasonic KXTC4169
     Panasonic KXTC4169  Panasonic KXTC4310  Panasonic KXTC197
     Panasonic KXTC280  Panasonic KXTC280  Panasonic KXTC282
     Panasonic KXTC282  Panasonic KXTC289  Panasonic KXTC185
     Panasonic KXTC187  Panasonic KXTC187  Panasonic KXTC190
     Panasonic KXTC190  Panasonic KXTC197  Panasonic KXTC165
     Panasonic KXTC170  Panasonic KXTC170  Panasonic KXTC180
     Panasonic KXTC180  Panasonic KXTC185  Panasonic KXTC157
     Panasonic KXTC160  Panasonic KXTC160  Panasonic KXTC162
     Panasonic KXTC162  Panasonic KXTC165  Panasonic KXTC109
     Panasonic KXTC150  Panasonic KXTC150  Panasonic KXTC155
     Panasonic KXTC155  Panasonic KXTC157  Panasonic KXT4560
     Panasonic KXT4600  Panasonic KXT4600  Panasonic KXTC100
     Panasonic KXTC100  Panasonic KXTC109  Panasonic KXT4410
     Panasonic KXT4500  Panasonic KXT4500  Panasonic KXT4550
     Panasonic KXT4550  Panasonic KXT4560  Panasonic KXT4365
     Panasonic KXT4370  Panasonic KXT4370  Panasonic KXT4400
     Panasonic KXT4400  Panasonic KXT4410  Panasonic KXT4350R
     Panasonic KXT4355  Panasonic KXT4355  Panasonic KXT4360
     Panasonic KXT4360  Panasonic KXT4365  Panasonic KXT4340
     Panasonic KXT4342  Panasonic KXT4342  Panasonic KXT4350
     Panasonic KXT4350  Panasonic KXT4350R  Panasonic KXT4310
     Panasonic KXT4330  Panasonic KXT4330  Panasonic KXT4330R
     Panasonic KXT4330R  Panasonic KXT4340  Panasonic KXT4200
     Panasonic KXT4200R  Panasonic KXT4200R  Panasonic KXT4300
     Panasonic KXT4300  Panasonic KXT4310  Panasonic KXT4109
     Panasonic KXT4168  Panasonic KXT4168  Panasonic KXT4169
     Panasonic KXT4169  Panasonic KXT4200  Panasonic KXT3980
     Panasonic KXT3980R  Panasonic KXT3980R  Panasonic KXT4108
     Panasonic KXT4108  Panasonic KXT4109  Panasonic KXT3965
     Panasonic KXT3967  Panasonic KXT3967  Panasonic KXT3968
     Panasonic KXT3968  Panasonic KXT3980  Panasonic KXT3950
     Panasonic KXT3960  Panasonic KXT3960  Panasonic KXT3962
     Panasonic KXT3962  Panasonic KXT3965  Panasonic KXT3935
     Panasonic KXT3940  Panasonic KXT3940  Panasonic KXT3945
     Panasonic KXT3945  Panasonic KXT3950  Panasonic KXT3925
     Panasonic KXT3930  Panasonic KXT3930  Panasonic KXT3932
     Panasonic KXT3932  Panasonic KXT3935  Panasonic KXT3910
     Panasonic KXT3912  Panasonic KXT3912  Panasonic KXT3920
     Panasonic KXT3920  Panasonic KXT3925  Panasonic KXT3875
     Panasonic KXT3905  Panasonic KXT3905  Panasonic KXT3908
     Panasonic KXT3908  Panasonic KXT3910  Panasonic KXT3850R
     Panasonic KXT3855R  Panasonic KXT3855R  Panasonic KXT3860
     Panasonic KXT3860  Panasonic KXT3870  Panasonic KXT3832
     Panasonic KXT3848  Panasonic KXT3848  Panasonic KXT3848R
     Panasonic KXT3848R  Panasonic KXT3850R  Panasonic KXT3822B
     Panasonic KXT3823  Panasonic KXT3823  Panasonic KXT3824
     Panasonic KXT3824  Panasonic KXT3832  Panasonic KXT3807
     Panasonic KXT3822  Panasonic KXT3822  Panasonic KXT3822A
     Panasonic KXT3822A  Panasonic KXT3822B  Panasonic KXT3732
     Panasonic KXT3748  Panasonic KXT3748  Panasonic KXT3800
     Panasonic KXT3800  Panasonic KXT3805  Panasonic KXT3720
     Panasonic KXT3725  Panasonic KXT3725  Panasonic KXT3730
     Panasonic KXT3730  Panasonic KXT3732  Panasonic KXT3705
     Panasonic KXT3710  Panasonic KXT3710  Panasonic KXT3712
     Panasonic KXT3712  Panasonic KXT3720  Panasonic KXT3620
     Panasonic KXT3640  Panasonic KXT3640  Panasonic KXT3702
     Panasonic KXT3702  Panasonic KXT3705  Panasonic KXT180
     Panasonic KXT3080  Panasonic KXT3080  Panasonic KXT3610
     Panasonic KXT3610  Panasonic KXT3620  Panasonic KXA36A
     Panasonic KXP372DH  Panasonic KXP372DH  Panasonic KXT150
     Panasonic KXT150  Panasonic KXT180  Panasonic 23281
     Panasonic 438001  Panasonic 438002  Panasonic 438003
     Panasonic 438011  Panasonic KXA36A  Panasonic KX-TCM424
     Panasonic KX-TCM440  Panasonic P-P301  Panasonic PQP25F301ANEW
     Panasonic PQXA36ASVC  Panasonic TYPE2  Panasonic KX-TCM415
     Panasonic KX-TCM417  Panasonic KX-TCM418  Panasonic KX-TCM418B
     Panasonic KX-TCM420  Panasonic KX-TCM422  Panasonic KX-TC282
     Panasonic KX-TC289  Panasonic KX-TC415  Panasonic KX-TCC116B
     Panasonic KX-TCM410  Panasonic KX-TCM412  Panasonic KX-TC162B
     Panasonic KX-TC165B  Panasonic KX-TC180B  Panasonic KX-TC187B
     Panasonic KX-TC280  Panasonic KX-TC280B  Panasonic KX-T3875
     Panasonic KX-T3908B  Panasonic KX-T3908W  Panasonic KX-T9020
     Panasonic KX-TC160B  Panasonic KX-TC160W  Panasonic KX-T3822A
     Panasonic KX-T3822B  Panasonic KX-T3823E  Panasonic KX-T3823R
     Panasonic KX-T3838  Panasonic KX-T3870  Panasonic KX-T3748
     Panasonic KX-T3800  Panasonic KX-T3800R  Panasonic KX-T3805
     Panasonic KX-T3807  Panasonic KX-T3822  Panasonic KX-T3710
     Panasonic KX-T3712  Panasonic KX-T3720  Panasonic KX-T3725
     Panasonic KX-T3730  Panasonic KX-T3732  Panasonic KC-TC150W
     Panasonic KX-4410  Panasonic KX-T150W  Panasonic KX-T180W
     Panasonic KX-T187  Panasonic KX-T3080R  Panasonic KX-T3640
     Panasonic KX-TC190  Panasonic KX-TC197  Panasonic KX-TCC425
     Panasonic KX-T3702  Panasonic KX-T3705  Panasonic KX-TC185
     Panasonic KX-TC187  Panasonic KX-TCC106  Panasonic KX-TCC116
     Panasonic KX-T3610  Panasonic KX-T3620  Panasonic KX-TC160
     Panasonic KX-TC162  Panasonic KX-TC165  Panasonic KX-T3080
     Panasonic KX-TC170  Panasonic KX-TC180  Panasonic KX-TC4310
     Panasonic KX-TC100  Panasonic KX-TC109  Panasonic KX-TC150
     Panasonic KX-TC155  Panasonic KX-TC157  Panasonic KX-T4560
     Panasonic KX-T4600  Panasonic KX-P372DH  Panasonic KX-T150
     Panasonic KX-T180  Panasonic KX-TC4169  Panasonic KX-T4365
     Panasonic KX-T4370  Panasonic KX-T4400  Panasonic KX-T4410
     Panasonic KX-T4500  Panasonic KX-T4550  Panasonic KX-T4340
     Panasonic KX-T4342  Panasonic KX-T4350  Panasonic KX-T4350R
     Panasonic KX-T4355  Panasonic KX-T4360  Panasonic KX-A36A
     Panasonic KX-T4200R  Panasonic KX-T4300  Panasonic KX-T4310
     Panasonic KX-T4330  Panasonic KX-T4330R  Panasonic KX-T3980R
     Panasonic KX-T4108  Panasonic KX-T4109  Panasonic KX-T4168
     Panasonic KX-T4169  Panasonic KX-T4200  Panasonic KX-T3960
     Panasonic KX-T3962  Panasonic KX-T3965  Panasonic KX-T3967
     Panasonic KX-T3968  Panasonic KX-T3980  Panasonic KX-T3930
     Panasonic KX-T3932  Panasonic KX-T3935  Panasonic KX-T3940
     Panasonic KX-T3945  Panasonic KX-T3950  Panasonic KX-T3905
     Panasonic KX-T3908  Panasonic KX-T3910  Panasonic KX-T3912
     Panasonic KX-T3920  Panasonic KX-T3925  Panasonic KX-T3855R
     Panasonic KX-3856  Panasonic KX-T3860  Panasonic KX-3865
     Panasonic KX-3870  Panasonic KX-3875  RCA 29519A
     RCA 29630A  RCA BT11  Philips SJB5192
     AT&T-Lucent 4068  AT&T-Lucent 24027X  AT&T-Lucent 4905
     AT&T-Lucent 4935  AT&T-Lucent 4952  AT&T-Lucent 91085
     Empire CPB-403B  GP GP40AAK3BMS  Northwestern Bell 38100
     Northwestern Bell 382001  Northwestern Bell 3200  Quasar QT2000
     Quasar QT2010  Quasar QT3000  Quasar QT3200
     Quasar QT8200  Quasar QT8610  Quasar QTA36A
     Radio Shack 960-1240  Radio Shack 43-1036  Radio Shack 960-1334
     Radio Shack 43-1047  Radio Shack 43-1049  Radio Shack 43-1050
     Radio Shack SANYO  Radio Shack 438003  Radio Shack 438011
     Radio Shack 9601240  Radio Shack CS6031  Radio Shack GESPCH02
     Radio Shack QTA36A  Radio Shack 43696  Radio Shack 43698
     Radio Shack 43774  Radio Shack 43775  Radio Shack 438001
     Radio Shack 438002  Radio Shack 431054  Radio Shack 431057
     Radio Shack 431060  Radio Shack 43564  Radio Shack 43573
     Radio Shack 43574  Radio Shack 431020  Radio Shack 431036
     Radio Shack 431047  Radio Shack 431049  Radio Shack 431050
     Radio Shack 431053  Radio Shack TAD1016  Radio Shack 229065
     Radio Shack 23281  Radio Shack 23617  Radio Shack 23-899
     Radio Shack 3N270AA-MTM  Radio Shack ET554  Radio Shack ET557
     Radio Shack ET596  Radio Shack ET598  Radio Shack ET696
     Radio Shack TAD1015  Radio Shack ET520  Radio Shack ET536
     Radio Shack ET547  Radio Shack ET549  Radio Shack ET550
     Radio Shack ET553  Radio Shack 43-775  Radio Shack 43-775A
     Radio Shack ET1051  Radio Shack ET440  Radio Shack ET441
     Radio Shack ET442  Radio Shack 43-564  Radio Shack 43-573
     Radio Shack 43-574  Radio Shack 43-696  Radio Shack 43-698
     Radio Shack 43-774  Radio Shack ET-596  Radio Shack ET-598
     Radio Shack ET-696  Radio Shack 23-281  Radio Shack 43-1020
     Radio Shack 43-1020A  Radio Shack TAD-1016  Radio Shack ET-549
     Radio Shack ET-550  Radio Shack ET-553  Radio Shack ET-554
     Radio Shack ET-557  Radio Shack ET-442  Radio Shack QTA-36A
     Radio Shack ET-520  Radio Shack ET-536  Radio Shack ET-547
     Radio Shack TAD-1015  Radio Shack 43-8003  Radio Shack 43-8011
     Radio Shack CS-6031  Radio Shack ET-1051  Radio Shack ET-440
     Radio Shack ET-441  Radio Shack 43-1053  Radio Shack 43-1054
     Radio Shack 43-1057  Radio Shack 43-1060  Radio Shack 43-8001
     Radio Shack 43-8002  Rayovac CO100P2  Rayovac RAY27
     AT-T/Lucent 24027X  AT-T/Lucent 4068  AT-T/Lucent 4905
     AT-T/Lucent 4935  AT-T/Lucent 4952
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