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Empire EM-CPB-403C - Ni-CD, 3.6 Volt, 400 mAh, Ultra Hi-Capacity Battery - Replacement Battery for At&t/Avaya 2C2 Cordless Phone Battery
EM-CPB-403C - Ni-CD, 3.6 Volt, 400 mAh, Ultra Hi-Capacity Battery - Replacement Battery for At&t/Avaya 2C2 Cordless Phone Battery
Item: #EM-CPB-403C | MFG: #CPB-403C
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This Ultra high-capacity cordless phone battery is the best choice for a replacement for your original cordless phone battery. This cordless phone battery feature full mAh, should you need a new cordless phone battery for any reason, to have a spare one, to replace an old one. This battery is the best choice, the battery is light weight and the quality is superior.

  • Battery is 100% OEM Compatible

  • Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications

  • Specifications
  • Capacity
  • 400 mAh
  • Voltage
  • 3.6
  • Chemistry
  • Ni-CD
  • Limited Warranty
  • 1 Year
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    Item Includes

    1 Year limited Warranty

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     EM-CPB-403C Battery is Compatible with the following Cordless Phones:
     Lenmar CBB392  Motorola 600  BELL EQUIPMENT BE25CHT
     Southwestern Bell S60503  BELL EQUIPMENT JB800PL  Southwestern Bell FF900
     BELL EQUIPMENT JB960  Southwestern Bell FF-1719  BELL EQUIPMENT MAESTRO 6300CW
     Southwestern Bell FF-1741  AT-T/Lucent 24028X  Southwestern Bell FF-694B
     AT-T/Lucent 4050  Southwestern Bell FF-718  Bell Equipment (Sonecor) BE25CHT
     Southwestern Bell FF-900  Bell Equipment (Sonecor) JB800PL  Amstrad CT100
     Bell Equipment (Sonecor) JB960  Amstrad CT500  Bell Equipment (Sonecor) MAESTRO 6300CW
     Amstrad Ranger 1000  Sony BP-T26  Amstrad Ranger 2000
     Sony BPT26  Amstrad Quartet 2010  Sony S60503
     Amstrad Quartet 2015  Sony SPP-55H  Code A Phone 3150
     Sony SPP-65H  Code A Phone 3260  Sony SPP-90H
     Code A Phone 7010  Panasonic TYPE 3  Code A Phone 7015
     Panasonic P-P302  Code A Phone 7050  Panasonic 23196
     Code A Phone 7110  Panasonic 23396  Code A Phone 7210
     Panasonic 435501  IBM BAT-1700-A  Panasonic PP302
     Sanyo 3N-270AA(mrx)  Panasonic PP302  Sanyo 23616
     Panasonic KX-TC1001W  Sanyo CAS-100  Panasonic KX-TC1004
     Sanyo CAS-125  Panasonic KX-TC1040W  Sanyo CAS-130
     Panasonic KX-TCM1004  Sanyo CAS-150  Panasonic TYPE3
     Sanyo CLT9400  RCA 2101  Sanyo CLT9500
     RCA 2103  Sanyo CLT986  RCA 2184
     Sanyo CLT9861  RCA 2189  Sanyo PCH01
     RCA 29414  Sanyo CLT877  RCA 29510
     Sanyo CLT880  RCA 531500  Sanyo CLT8800
     RCA 53204  Sanyo CLT8801  RCA 53304
     Sanyo CLT8809  RCA 9625E  Sanyo CLT9200
     RCA AN8526  Sanyo CLT8205  RCA BT10
     Sanyo CLT8371  RCA 52304  Sanyo CLT8500
     RCA 52308  Sanyo CLT8600  RCA 52309
     Sanyo CLT8601  RCA 52310  Sanyo CLT870
     RCA 52311  Sanyo CLT677  RCA 52313
     Sanyo CLT7100  RCA 52189A  Sanyo CLT7500
     RCA 52283  Sanyo CLT75KM  RCA 52298D
     Sanyo CLT760  RCA 52298E  Sanyo CLT8201
     RCA 52298F  Sanyo CLT657  RCA 52301
     Sanyo CLT6571  RCA 29632  Sanyo CLT667
     RCA 29675  Sanyo CLT670  RCA 29821
     Sanyo CLT6700  RCA 52126  Sanyo CLT6750
     RCA 52132  Sanyo CLT6100  RCA 521819
     Sanyo CLT630  RCA 29582  Sanyo CLT6300
     RCA 29625  Sanyo CLT6450  RCA 29626
     Sanyo CLT656  RCA 29630  Sanyo CLT6561
     RCA 29631  Sanyo CLT575  RCA 29631A
     Sanyo CLT576  RCA 29512  Sanyo CLT577
     RCA 29514  Sanyo CLT580  RCA 29515
     Sanyo CLT5861  RCA 29522D  Sanyo CLT5881
     RCA 29525C  Sanyo CLT555  RCA 29526
     Sanyo CLT556  Cobra AN8525  Sanyo CLT5581
     Cobra AN8526  Sanyo CLT55KM  Cobra AN8591
     Sanyo CLT560  Cobra AN8630  Sanyo CLT5600
     Cobra AN8630-25  Sanyo CLT4550  Cobra CP43B
     Sanyo CLT4600  Cobra CP-712  Sanyo CLT4650
     Cobra CP-714  Sanyo CLT520  Cobra CP-720
     Sanyo CLT5260  Cobra Feb-15  Sanyo CLT5400
     Cobra CP2500-702  Sanyo CLT3600  Cobra 2-9522
     Sanyo CLT36001  Cobra AN863025  Sanyo CLT4300
     Cobra CP49010  Sanyo CLT4350  Cobra CP-703
     Sanyo CLT4360  Cobra CP-705  Sanyo CLT4450
     Cobra CP-706  Sanyo CLT3100  Cobra CP-711
     Sanyo CLT3200  Cobra CP-490  Sanyo CLT33
     Cobra CP-490-10  Sanyo CLT3300  Cobra CP-492
     Sanyo CLT3301  Cobra CP-701  Sanyo CLT3301A
     Cobra CP-702  Sanyo CLT1881  Cobra 2130139001
     Sanyo CLT1961  Cobra CP-484S  Sanyo CLT25
     Cobra CP-485  Sanyo CLT2761  Cobra CP-486
     Sanyo CLT30  Cobra CP-488  Sanyo CLT300
     Cobra CP-489  Sanyo CLT1581  Cobra CP-489S
     Sanyo CLT170  Cobra CP-474  Sanyo CLT176
     Cobra CP-474S  Sanyo CLT1761  Cobra CP-475
     Sanyo CLT177  Cobra CP-475S  Sanyo CLT1861
     Cobra CP-483  Sanyo CLT1160  Cobra CP-484
     Sanyo CLT1260  Cobra CP-471  Sanyo CLT1300
     Cobra CP-471S  Sanyo CLT1360  Cobra CP-472
     Sanyo CLT1461  Cobra CP-472S  Sanyo CLT156
     Cobra CP-473  Sanyo CAS8371  Cobra CP-473S
     Sanyo CAS867  Cobra CP-464  Sanyo CAS887
     Cobra CP-464S  Sanyo CAS8871  Cobra CP-468
     Sanyo CL156  Cobra CP-469S  Sanyo CLT103
     Cobra CP-470  Sanyo CAS150  Cobra CP-470S
     Sanyo CAS1500  Cobra CP-2507  Sanyo CAS160
     Cobra CP-2510  Sanyo CAS170  Cobra CP-2525
     Sanyo CAS300  Cobra CP-2530  Sanyo CAS837
     Cobra CP-2570  Sanyo GESPCH01  Cobra CP-43B
     Sanyo GESPCH01  Cobra AN-8630  Sanyo CAS100
     Cobra AN-8630-25  Sanyo CAS1200  Cobra CP-2500
     Sanyo CAS125  Cobra CP-2501  Sanyo CAS130
     Cobra CP-2505  Sanyo 3N270AA(MRX)  Cobra CP-2506
     Sanyo 3N270AA(MRX)  Cobra CP2530  Sanyo CLT33001
     Cobra CP2570  Sanyo CLT33001  Cobra 213013-9-001
     Sanyo CLT75M  Cobra AN-8525  Sanyo CLT75M
     Cobra AN-8526  Sanyo CLT-8600  Cobra AN-8591
     Sanyo CLT-8601  Cobra CP2501  Sanyo CLT-8800
     Cobra CP2505  Sanyo CLT-8801  Cobra CP2506
     Sanyo CLT-33001  Cobra CP2507  Sanyo CLT-36001
     Cobra CP2510  Sanyo CLT-6300  Cobra CP2525
     Sanyo CLT-6571  Cobra CP706  Sanyo CLT-6700
     Cobra CP711  Sanyo CLT-7100  Cobra CP712
     Sanyo CLT-7500  Cobra CP714  Sanyo CLT-8201
     Cobra CP720  Sanyo CLT-4600  Cobra CP2500
     Sanyo CLT-5400  Cobra CP490-10  Sanyo CLT-5581
     Cobra CP492  Sanyo CLT-5600  Cobra CP701
     Sanyo CLT-5881  Cobra CP702  Sanyo CLT-6100
     Cobra CP703  Sanyo CLT-1861  Cobra CP705
     Sanyo CLT-1881  Cobra CP484  Sanyo CLT-3300
     Cobra CP484S  Sanyo CLT-3301A  Cobra CP485
     Sanyo CLT-3600  Cobra CP486  Sanyo CLT-4300
     Cobra CP488  Sanyo CLT-877  Cobra CP490
     Sanyo CLT-880  Cobra CP474  Sanyo CLT-986
     Cobra CP474S  Sanyo CLT-1581  Cobra CP475
     Sanyo CLT-1761  Cobra CP475S  Sanyo GES-PCH01
     Cobra CP480  Sanyo CLT-657  Cobra CP483S
     Sanyo CLT-667  Cobra CP471  Sanyo CLT-670
     Cobra CP471S  Sanyo CLT-677  Cobra CP472
     Sanyo CLT-760  Cobra CP472S  Sanyo CLT-870
     Cobra CP473  Sanyo CLT-575  Cobra CP473S
     Sanyo CLT-576  Cobra CP464  Sanyo CLT-577
     Cobra CP464S  Sanyo CLT-580  Cobra CP468
     Sanyo CLT-630  Cobra CP469S  Sanyo CLT-656
     Cobra CP470  Sanyo CLT-177  Cobra CP470S
     Sanyo CLT-300  AT&T-Lucent 4050  Sanyo CLT-520
     AT&T-Lucent 24028X  Sanyo CLT-555  AT&T-Lucent 1000
     Sanyo CLT-556  AT&T-Lucent EL42108  Sanyo CLT-560
     Conair CTP-400Q  Sanyo CLT-30  Conair CTP-700
     Sanyo CLT-33  Conair CTP-700A  Sanyo CLT-55KM
     Conair CTP-4000  Sanyo CLT-75M  Conair 700
     Sanyo CLT-156  Conair 700700A  Sanyo CLT-176
     Conair CTP4000  Sanyo CAS-1200  Conair CTP400Q
     Sanyo CAS-1500  Conair CTP700  Sanyo CAS-8371
     Conair CTP700A  Sanyo CAS-8871  Conair CTP9010
     Sanyo CL-156  Empire CPB-403C  Sanyo CLT-25
     Northwestern Bell 38200  Sanyo CAS-160  Northwestern Bell 39203-4
     Sanyo CAS-170  Northwestern Bell 3210  Sanyo CAS-300
     Northwestern Bell 32505  Sanyo CAS-837  Northwestern Bell 32509-1
     Sanyo CAS-867  Northwestern Bell 32525  Sanyo CAS-887
     Northwestern Bell 38220  Toshiba 6300  Northwestern Bell 395004
     GE 2-101  Northwestern Bell 325091  GE 2-103
     Northwestern Bell 392034  GE 2-184  Radio Shack 23-396
     GE 2-189  Radio Shack 23-196  GE 2-9625
     Radio Shack 43-1002  GE 2-9626  Radio Shack 43-1003
     GE 9522A  Radio Shack 43-1015  GE TL-96153
     Radio Shack 43-1017  GE 53204  Radio Shack ET508
     GE 53304  Radio Shack ET509  GE AN8526
     Radio Shack ET537  GE BT10  Radio Shack ET538
     GE 2-9519A  Radio Shack ET797  GE 5-2494B
     Radio Shack TAD794  GE 52308  Radio Shack CLT8801
     GE 52309  Radio Shack CLT986  GE 52310
     Radio Shack CS0253  GE 52311  Radio Shack GESPCH01
     GE 52313  Radio Shack ET497  GE 531500
     Radio Shack ET498  GE 52283  Radio Shack CLT8600
     GE 52298D  Radio Shack CLT8601  GE 52298E
     Radio Shack CLT870  GE 52298F  Radio Shack CLT877
     GE 52301  Radio Shack CLT880  GE 52304
     Radio Shack CLT8800  GE 29675  Radio Shack CLT677
     GE 29821  Radio Shack CLT7100  GE 52126
     Radio Shack CLT7500  GE 52132  Radio Shack CLT75M
     GE 521819  Radio Shack CLT760  GE 52189A
     Radio Shack CLT8201  GE 29625  Radio Shack CLT656
     GE 29626  Radio Shack CLT657  GE 29630
     Radio Shack CLT6571  GE 29631  Radio Shack CLT667
     GE 29631A  Radio Shack CLT670  GE 29632
     Radio Shack CLT6700  GE 29514  Radio Shack CLT577
     GE 29515  Radio Shack CLT580  GE 29522D
     Radio Shack CLT5881  GE 29525C  Radio Shack CLT6100
     GE 29526  Radio Shack CLT630  GE 29582
     Radio Shack CLT6300  GE 2103  Radio Shack CLT5581
     GE 2184  Radio Shack CLT55KM  GE 2189
     Radio Shack CLT560  GE 29414  Radio Shack CLT5600
     GE 29510  Radio Shack CLT575  GE 29512
     Radio Shack CLT576  GE 700  Radio Shack CLT4300
     GE 5-2101  Radio Shack CLT4600  GE 2-6965
     Radio Shack CLT520  GE 2-9330  Radio Shack CLT5400
     GE 2-157  Radio Shack CLT555  GE 2101
     Radio Shack CLT556  GE 2-9514  Radio Shack CLT33
     GE 2-9515  Radio Shack CLT3300  GE 2-9522D
     Radio Shack CLT33001  GE 2-9525C  Radio Shack CLT3301A
     GE 2-9526  Radio Shack CLT3600  GE 2-9582
     Radio Shack CLT36001  GE 5-2310  Radio Shack CLT177
     GE 5-2311  Radio Shack CLT1881  GE 5-2313
     Radio Shack CLT25  GE 2-9414  Radio Shack CLT30
     GE 2-9510  Radio Shack CLT300  GE 2-9512
     Radio Shack CLT3200  GE 5-2298E  Radio Shack CAS887
     GE 5-2298F  Radio Shack CAS8871  GE 5-2301
     Radio Shack CL156  GE 5-2304  Radio Shack CLT156
     GE 5-2308  Radio Shack CLT1581  GE 5-2309
     Radio Shack CLT176  GE BT-10  Radio Shack CAS160
     GE 5-2126  Radio Shack CAS170  GE 5-2132
     Radio Shack CAS300  GE 5-2189A  Radio Shack CAS837
     GE 5-2283  Radio Shack CAS8371  GE 5-2298D
     Radio Shack CAS867  GE 2-9675  Radio Shack CAS100
     GE 5-21819  Radio Shack CAS1200  GE 5-31500
     Radio Shack CAS125  GE 9625E  Radio Shack CAS130
     GE 2-9821  Radio Shack CAS150  GE AN-8526
     Radio Shack CAS1500  GE 2-9630  Radio Shack 431038
     GE 2-9631  Radio Shack 433509  GE 2-9631A
     Radio Shack 433599  GE 2-9632  Radio Shack 435501
     GE 5-3204  Radio Shack 9601297  GE 5-3304
     Radio Shack 9601508  AT&T 24028X  Radio Shack 3N270AA-MRX
     AT&T 4050  Radio Shack 431002  Emerson TEC2000
     Radio Shack 431003  Emerson TEC3000  Radio Shack 431015
     Emerson TEC-2000  Radio Shack 431017  Emerson TEC-3000
     Radio Shack 431037  Gemini TA242  Radio Shack 43-688
     Astra Telecom BE-25CHT  Radio Shack 43-749  Batteries Plus 26
     Radio Shack 23196  Bell BE126  Radio Shack 23197
     Bell South 32505  Radio Shack 23396  Bell South 32510
     Radio Shack 23616  Bell South TL-6153  Radio Shack ET-537
     Bell South 32527  Radio Shack ET-538  Bell South 7110
     Radio Shack ET-797  Bell South 23510  Radio Shack 23-996
     Bell South TL6153  Radio Shack 43-3699  Code-A-Phone 3150
     Radio Shack 43-687  Code-A-Phone 3260  Radio Shack CS-0253
     Code-A-Phone 7010  Radio Shack 43-3599  Code-A-Phone 7015
     Radio Shack ET-497  Code-A-Phone 7050  Radio Shack ET-498
     Code-A-Phone 7110  Radio Shack ET-508  Code-A-Phone 7210
     Radio Shack ET-509  GTE 3150  Radio Shack 43-1037
     GTE 3260  Radio Shack 43-1038  GTE 21000
     Radio Shack 960-1297  GTE 31500  Radio Shack 43-5501
     GTE WALKMATE  Radio Shack 960-1508  GTE Gte WALKMATE
     Radio Shack 43-3509  Interstate Batteries TEL0070  Aastra Telecom BE-25CHT
     ITT 5130  Aastra Telecom JB-800PL  Laphone LP400
     Aastra Telecom JB-960  Tropez 1064  Aastra Telecom MAESTRO 6300CW
     Tropez 1064XL  Aastra Telecom BE25CHT  Unisonic 7800
     Aastra Telecom JB800PL  Whith Westinghouse WNCP-440  Aastra Telecom JB960
     Nomad 24028X  Aastra Telecom MAESTRO6300CW  Nomad 4050
     Carlton 7012  General Electric 2101  Extend-a-phone 52189A
     General Electric 2103  Extend-a-phone 52298D  General Electric 2184
     Extend-a-phone 52298E  General Electric 2189  Extend-a-phone 52298F
     General Electric 29414  Extend-a-phone 52301  General Electric 29510
     Extend-a-phone 52304  General Electric 531500  Extend-a-phone BT10
     General Electric 53204  Extend-a-phone 52308  General Electric 53304
     Extend-a-phone 52309  General Electric 9625E  Extend-a-phone 52310
     General Electric AN8526  Extend-a-phone 52311  General Electric BT10
     Extend-a-phone 52313  General Electric 52304  Extend-a-phone 53304
     General Electric 52308  Maestro BE25CHT  General Electric 52309
     Maestro JB800PL  General Electric 52310  Maestro JB960
     General Electric 52311  Maestro MAESTRO 6300CW  General Electric 52313
     General Electric 52189A  General Electric 52283  General Electric 52298D
     General Electric 52298E  General Electric 52298F  General Electric 52301
     General Electric 29632  General Electric 29675  General Electric 29821
     General Electric 52126  General Electric 52132  General Electric 521819
     General Electric 29582  General Electric 29625  General Electric 29626
     General Electric 29630  General Electric 29631  General Electric 29631A
     General Electric 29512  General Electric 29514  General Electric 29515
     General Electric 29522D  General Electric 29525C  General Electric 29526
     Lucent 24028X  Lucent 4050
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