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General Brand A23 Battery - 2 Pack
A23 Battery - 2 Pack
Item: #SDBB-1 | MFG: #A23
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Our Price: $7.95
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 SDBB-1 Battery is Compatible with the following OEM:
 NEDA Number 1811A  GP 23A  GP 8F10R
 GP 8LR932  GP CA20  GP GP23
 GP GP23AE  GP L1028  Duracell MN21
 Duracell MN21/23  GP RV08  GP V23GA
 Innotek CKC-25W  Innotek RR-300S  Innotek SD-70
 Innotek TF-200A  Innotek VC-100A  Radio Shack 23-144
 GP 23AE  GP 8LR23  Eveready A23
 GP E23A  GP GP23A  Kodak K23A
 Panasonic LRV08  GP MN21  GP MS21
 GP V23  GP VR22  Innotek CT-400A
 Innotek SD-100A  Innotek TF-100A  Innotek VB500A
 SDBB-1 Battery replaces the following OEM part numbers:
 NEDA Number 1811A  Radio Shack 23-144  GP 23A
 GP 23AE  GP 8F10R  GP 8LR23
 GP 8LR932  Eveready A23  GP CA20
 GP E23A  GP GP23  GP GP23A
 GP GP23AE  Kodak K23A  GP L1028
 Panasonic LRV08  Duracell MN21  GP MN21
 Duracell MN21/23  GP MS21  GP RV08
 GP V23  GP V23GA  GP VR22
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