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Synergy Digital DC-1 Ultra High Capacity (Ni-MH, 4.8V, 400 mAh) Battery - Replacement for GP - 28AAAM4SMX, GP - 40AAAM4SMX, Mighty Pets - BP-12, Sanik - 4SN-2/3AAA40H-H-XA1, Interstate - NIC0962 Batteries
DC-1 Ultra High Capacity (Ni-MH, 4.8V, 400 mAh) Battery - Replacement for GP - 28AAAM4SMX, GP - 40AAAM4SMX, Mighty Pets - BP-12, Sanik - 4SN-2/3AAA40H-H-XA1, Interstate - NIC0962 Batteries
Item: #DC-1 | MFG: #DC-1
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 DC-1 Battery is Compatible with the following OEM:
 GP 40AAAM4SMX  Mighty Pets BP-12  Dogtra 7100
 Dogtra 1000NC  Dogtra 1100NCC  Dogtra 1200NCP
 Dogtra 1202NCP  Dogtra 1500NCP Receiver  Dogtra 1700NCP Receiver
 Dogtra 180NCP Transmitter  Dogtra 1902NCP  Dogtra 2000NCP Receiver
 Dogtra 2002 Training & Beeper  Dogtra 2002NCP Receiver  Dogtra 202NCP Gold
 Dogtra 2200NCP  Dogtra 300M Transmitter  Dogtra 7002M Transmitter
 Dogtra 7100M  Dogtra BP-12  DT Systems BTB-800
 HQRP CPU  DT Systems EDT102 Super Trainer Receiver  DT Systems EDT-202
 DT Systems EDT-302  DT Systems EZT-1002  DT Systems EZT-2000
 DT Systems EZT-2003  DT Systems EZT-3002  DT Systems EZT-5002
 DT Systems H201820 Collar  Dogtra Quail Launcher QL Series  DT Systems SPT-2422
 DT Systems SPT-2432  DT Systems ST-200  DT Systems ST-50
 Dogtra 175NCP Transmitter  Dogtra 1802NC Receiver  Dogtra 1804NC Receiver
 Dogtra 2000NC Receiver  Dogtra 28AAAM4SMX  Dogtra BP-12
 Dogtra 1100NC receiver  Dogtra 1200NC receiver  Dogtra 1202NC receiver
 Dogtra 1800NC receiver  Dogtra 1803NC receiver  Dogtra 2000T receiver
 Dogtra 2000 training receiver  Dogtra 2000NC receiver  Dogtra 2002B receiver
 Dogtra 2002 beeper receiver  Dogtra 2200NCP receiver  Dogtra BP-12 transmitter
 Dogtra Pheasant Launcher PL transmitter  Dogtra BP12RT  Dogtra BP12
 Dogtra 200NCP Transmitter  Dogtra 282NCP Transmitter  Dogtra 1902NCP Transmitter
 Dogtra 7100H Transmitter  Dogtra 7100 Receiver  Dogtra 1200 Receiver
 Dogtra 1500 Receiver  Dogtra 1700 Receiver  Dogtra 2200 Receiver
 Dogtra BP2T  Dogtra 2000NCP Transmitter  Dogtra 2202NCP Transmitter
 Dogtra 2000B Transmitter  Dogtra 1400 Transmitter  Dogtra 1500 Transmitter
 Dogtra 1600 Transmitter  Dogtra 1700 Transmitter  Dogtra 2002T Transmitter
 Dogtra 2002NC Transmitter  Dogtra RRD  Dogtra RR Deluxe Transmitter
 GP 28AAAM4SMX  Sanik 4SN-2/3AAA40H-H-XA1  Interstate NIC0962
 Dogtra 7102  Dogtra 1100NC  Dogtra 1200NC
 Dogtra 1202NC  Dogtra 1400NCP Receiver  Dogtra 1600NCP Receiver
 Dogtra 175NCP Transmitte  Dogtra 1900NCP  Dogtra 2000 Training & Beeper
 Dogtra 2002 T&B Receiver  Dogtra 2002NC Receiver  Dogtra 200NCP Gold Transmitter
 Dogtra 210NCP Transmitter  Dogtra 280NCP Transmitter  Dogtra 7000M Transmitter
 Dogtra 7100H  Dogtra 7102H  Dogtra BP-12RT
 DT Systems BTB-809  DT Systems EDT-100  DT Systems EDT-200
 DT Systems EDT-300  DT Systems EZT-1000  DT Systems EZT-1003
 DT Systems EZT-2002  DT Systems EZT-3000  DT Systems EZT-5000
 DT Systems H20-1810-PLUS  Dogtra Pheasant Launcher PL Series  DT Systems SPT-2420
 DT Systems SPT-2430  DT Systems ST-100  DT Systems ST-300
 Dogtra YS-500 Yapper Stopper Collar Receiver  Dogtra 1800NC Receiver  Dogtra 1803NC Receiver
 Dogtra 2000 T&B Receiver  Dogtra DC-1  Dogtra 40AAAM4SMX
 Dogtra BP-RR  Dogtra 1100NCC receiver  Dogtra 1200NCP receiver
 Dogtra 1202NCP receiver  Dogtra 1802NC receiver  Dogtra 1804NC receiver
 Dogtra 2000B receiver  Dogtra 2000 beeper receiver  Dogtra 2002T receiver
 Dogtra 2002 training receiver  Dogtra 202NCP gold transmitter  Dogtra 2200NCP transmitter
 Dogtra BP-12RT transmitter  Dogtra Quail Launcher QL transmitter  Dogtra GPRHC043M016
 Dogtra 200NC Transmitter  Dogtra 202NCP Transmitter  Dogtra 1900NCP Transmitter
 Dogtra 302M Transmitter  Dogtra 7102H Transmitter  Dogtra 7102 Receiver
 Dogtra 1900 Receiver  Dogtra 1600 Receiver  Dogtra 1800 Receiver
 Dogtra 2000200NC Receiver  Dogtra BPRR  Dogtra 2002NCP Transmitter
 Dogtra 2000T Transmitter  Dogtra 2000TX Transmitter  Dogtra 1400NCP Transmitter
 Dogtra 1500NCP Transmitter  Dogtra 1600NCP Transmitter  Dogtra 170NCP Transmitter
 Dogtra 2002B Transmitter  Dogtra RRS  Dogtra RR Deluxe
 DC-1 Battery replaces the following OEM part numbers:
 GP 28AAAM4SMX  GP 40AAAM4SMX  Sanik 4SN-2/3AAA40H-H-XA1
 Mighty Pets BP-12  Interstate NIC0962
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