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Synergy Digital SDCP-H365 - Ni-MH, 3.6 Volt, 750 mAh, Ultra Hi-Capacity Battery - Replacement for At&t BT17333, BT27333 Cordless Phone Battery
SDCP-H365 - Ni-MH, 3.6 Volt, 750 mAh, Ultra Hi-Capacity Battery - Replacement for At&t BT17333, BT27333 Cordless Phone Battery
Item: #SDCP-H365 | MFG: #SDCP-H365
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 SDCP-H365 Battery is Compatible with the following Cordless Phones:
 AT&T EL41108  Clarity W400  AT&T EL42108
 AT&T EL41208  AT&T EL42258  AT&T EL42208
 AT&T EL42408  AT&T EL42308  Radio Shack 3N270AA-MRX-R
 GE 52320  V Tech 239069  V Tech 89-1332-00-00
 V Tech BT17233  V Tech BT163345  V Tech BT27233
 V Tech BT263345  V Tech CS2111  V Tech BT27333
 V Tech CS5121  V Tech CS5111-2  V Tech CS5121-3
 V Tech CS5121-2  V Tech CS5122-3  V Tech CS5121-4
 V Tech CS5212  V Tech CS5211  V Tech 80-1338-00-00
 V Tech CS5221  AKAI CP161AUS  Aastra JB950
 AKAI CP261AUS  Audioline CDL200  AT&T 1839
 Audioline FF893  Audioline CDL400  BT Freestyle 100
 Avant Apollo  BT Freestyle 1025  BT Freestyle 1000
 BT Freestyle 1100  BT Freestyle 1050  BT Freestyle 130
 BT Freestyle 120  BT Freestyle 300+  BT Freestyle 300
 BT Freestyle 50  BT Freestyle 320  BT Freestyle 70
 BT Freestyle 520  BT Freestyle 80  BT Freestyle 75
 BT Verve 100  BT Freestyle 90  NEC Flexiphone 50
 NEC Flexiphone 100  Sanyo 3N270AA(MRX)(R) CLT3500 GESPCH  Philips CP-350AUS
 Sony BP-T37  Sony FF643  Sony FF674
 GE 5-2320  AT&T-Lucent 4128  Northwestern Bell 3100
 Radio Shack 23-956  Aastra Telecom JB-950  AT&T-Lucent 89-1332-00-00
 AT&T-Lucent EL4xxxx SERIES  Bell South EXCELISTOR 3101  Conair CTP-8210
 Conair CTP-8212  Conair CTP-8225  Conair CTP-8310
 Conair CTP-8325  Conair CTP-9200  Conair CTP-9250
 GP GP40AAK3BMX  GP GP60AAH3BMX  Radio Shack 23-9069
 Radio Shack 43-324  Radio Shack 43-3215  Radio Shack 960-1436
 Sanyo 3N-270AA(mrx)(r)  Sanyo CLT-3500  Sanyo GES-PCH06
 Southwestern Bell BP-36MLX  Southwestern Bell BP-36MLX400  Southwestern Bell FF641
 Southwestern Bell FF642  Southwestern Bell FF643  Southwestern Bell FF646
 Southwestern Bell FF655  Southwestern Bell FF660  Southwestern Bell FF664
 Southwestern Bell FF665  Southwestern Bell FF667  Southwestern Bell FF668
 Southwestern Bell FF670  Southwestern Bell FF671  Southwestern Bell FF672
 Southwestern Bell FF674  Southwestern Bell FF676  Southwestern Bell FF677
 Southwestern Bell FF680  Southwestern Bell FF688  Southwestern Bell FF690
 Southwestern Bell FF692  Southwestern Bell FF693  Southwestern Bell FF694
 Southwestern Bell FF695  Southwestern Bell FF701  Southwestern Bell FF702
 Southwestern Bell FF705  Southwestern Bell FF712  Southwestern Bell FF714
 Southwestern Bell FF718  Southwestern Bell FF720  Southwestern Bell FF725
 Southwestern Bell FF727  Southwestern Bell FF728  Southwestern Bell FF729
 Southwestern Bell FF905A  Southwestern Bell FF905CS  Southwestern Bell FF908A
 Southwestern Bell FF920A  Southwestern Bell FF1185  Southwestern Bell FF1187
 Southwestern Bell FF1188  Southwestern Bell FF1710  Southwestern Bell FF1712
 Southwestern Bell FF1719  Southwestern Bell FF1720  Southwestern Bell FF1722
 Southwestern Bell FF1724  Southwestern Bell FF1725  Southwestern Bell FF1726
 Southwestern Bell FF1740  Southwestern Bell FF1741  Southwestern Bell FF1742
 Southwestern Bell FF1751  Southwestern Bell FF1760  Southwestern Bell FF1762
 Southwestern Bell FF1765  Southwestern Bell FF1770  Southwestern Bell FF1775
 Southwestern Bell FF2000  Southwestern Bell FF2000H  Southwestern Bell FF2025
 Southwestern Bell FF2100  Southwestern Bell FF2115  Southwestern Bell FF2125
 Southwestern Bell FF2128  Southwestern Bell FF2150  Southwestern Bell GH3000
 Southwestern Bell GH3010  Southwestern Bell GH3012  Southwestern Bell GH3028
 Vtech 89-1338-00-00  Vtech 2111  Vtech 5111
 Vtech 5113  Vtech 5121  Vtech 5122
 Vtech 5211  Vtech 5212  Vtech 5221
 Vtech BT163345  Vtech BT263345  Vtech BT17233
 Vtech BT27233  Vtech BT17333  Vtech BT27333
 WALKER W-400  WALKER W-9001  Southwestern Bell S60518
 WALKER W-425  Aastra Telecom JB950  AT&T 89-1332-00-00
 AT-T/Lucent 4128  Att BT17333  Att BT27333
 Att EL41108  Att EL41208  Att EL42208
 Att EL42258  Att EL42308  Att EL42408
 BELL EQUIPMENT JB950  Bell Equipment (Sonecor) JB950  Conair CTP8210
 Conair CTP8212  Conair CTP8225  Conair CTP8310
 Conair CTP8325  Conair CTP9200  Conair CTP9250
 General Electric 52320  Lucent 4128  Maestro JB950
 Maestro JB950  Nomad 4128  Panasonic 23956
 Radio Shack 239069  Radio Shack 23956  Radio Shack 3N270AA-MRX -R
 Radio Shack 431048  Radio Shack 433215  Radio Shack 9601436
 Radio Shack CLT3500  Radio Shack GESPCH06  RCA 52320
 Sanyo 3N270AA(MRX)(R)  Sanyo CLT3500  Sanyo GESPCH06
 Sony BPT37  Sony FF1185  Sony FF1187
 Sony FF1188  Sony FF1710  Sony FF1712
 Sony FF1719  Sony FF1720  Sony FF1722
 Sony FF1724  Sony FF1725  Sony FF1726
 Sony FF1740  Sony FF1741  Sony FF1742
 Sony FF1751  Sony FF1760  Sony FF1762
 Sony FF1765  Sony FF1770  Sony FF1775
 Sony FF2000  Sony FF2000H  Sony FF2025
 Sony FF2100  Sony FF2115  Sony FF2125
 Sony FF2128  Sony FF2150  Sony GH3000
 Sony GH3010  Sony GH3012  Sony GH3028
 Sony S60518  Southwestern Bell BP36MLX  Southwestern Bell BP36MLX400
 Vtech 239069  Vtech 80-1338-00-00  Vtech 89-1332-00-00
 Vtech CS2111  Vtech CS5111-2  Vtech CS5121
 Vtech CS5121-2  Vtech CS5121-3  Vtech CS5121-4
 Vtech CS5122-3  Vtech CS5211  Vtech CS5212
 Vtech CS5221  WALKER W400  WALKER W9001
 SDCP-H365 Battery replaces the following OEM part numbers:
 AT&T 89-1332-00-00  GP 60AAH3BMX  Panasonic P-03RM
 V Tech 239069  V Tech 80-1338-00-00  V Tech 89-1332-00-00
 V Tech BT163345  V Tech BT17233  V Tech BT263345
 V Tech BT27233  V Tech BT27333
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