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Synergy Digital Synergy Digital Battery Compatible With Sony Ericsson BST-33 Cellphone Battery - (Li-Ion, 3.7V, 900 mAh / 3.33Wh)
Synergy Digital Battery Compatible With Sony Ericsson BST-33 Cellphone Battery - (Li-Ion, 3.7V, 900 mAh / 3.33Wh)
Item: #SDMP-L3654 | MFG: #CS-ERV800SL
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 SDMP-L3654 Battery is Compatible with the following Cell Phone:
 Sony Ericsson TXT Pro  Sony Ericsson C702  Sony Ericsson C901 Greenheart
 Sony Ericsson C903  Sony Ericsson F305  Sony Ericsson G502
 Sony Ericsson G700  Sony Ericsson G705  Sony Ericsson G900
 Sony Ericsson Idou Aino Naite  Sony Ericsson K530i  Sony Ericsson K550i
 Sony Ericsson K630i  Sony Ericsson K660i  Sony Ericsson K800i
 Sony Ericsson K810i  Sony Ericsson M600i  Sony Ericsson P990i
 Sony Ericsson S302  Sony Ericsson Satio  Sony Ericsson Sprio
 Sony Ericsson T700  Sony Ericsson T715  Sony Ericsson TM506
 Sony Ericsson V640i  Sony Ericsson V800  Sony Ericsson V800i
 Sony Ericsson V802  Sony Ericsson V802SE  Sony Ericsson W100
 Sony Ericsson W100i  Sony Ericsson W205  Sony Ericsson W300i
 Sony Ericsson W302  Sony Ericsson W395  Sony Ericsson W580i
 Sony Ericsson W595  Sony Ericsson W610i  Sony Ericsson W660i
 Sony Ericsson W705  Sony Ericsson W715  Sony Ericsson W850i
 Sony Ericsson W880i  Sony Ericsson W890  Sony Ericsson W900i
 Sony Ericsson W950i  Sony Ericsson W960i  Sony Ericsson Yari
 Sony Ericsson Z530i  Sony Ericsson Z610i  Sony Ericsson Z750
 Sony Ericsson Z750i  Sony Ericsson Z800  Sony Ericsson BST-33
 Sony Ericsson SEBA01  Sony Ericsson Aino  Sony Ericsson C702A
 Sony Ericsson C702C  Sony Ericsson Cybershot K790A  Sony Ericsson Cybershot K790C
 Sony Ericsson Cybershot K790i  Sony Ericsson Cybershot K800C  Sony Ericsson Cybershot K800i
 Sony Ericsson G502C  Sony Ericsson G700 Business Edition  Sony Ericsson G700C
 Sony Ericsson G900C  Sony Ericsson G900i  Sony Ericsson GreenHeart C901
 Sony Ericsson J100  Sony Ericsson J100A  Sony Ericsson J100C
 Sony Ericsson J100i  Sony Ericsson J110  Sony Ericsson J110A
 Sony Ericsson J110C  Sony Ericsson K530  Sony Ericsson K550C
 Sony Ericsson K550im  Sony Ericsson K790  Sony Ericsson K790A
 Sony Ericsson K790C  Sony Ericsson K790i  Sony Ericsson K800
 Sony Ericsson K810  Sony Ericsson K818C  Sony Ericsson M600
 Sony Ericsson M600C  Sony Ericsson M608C  Sony Ericsson M610i
 Sony Ericsson W300  Sony Ericsson W300C  Sony Ericsson W610
 Sony Ericsson W610C  Sony Ericsson W618C  Sony Ericsson W660
 Sony Ericsson W830  Sony Ericsson W830C  Sony Ericsson W830i
 Sony Ericsson W850  Sony Ericsson W880  Sony Ericsson W888
 Sony Ericsson W888C  Sony Ericsson W890i  Sony Ericsson W898C
 Sony Ericsson W900  Sony Ericsson W900C  Sony Ericsson W950
 Sony Ericsson W950C  Sony Ericsson W958C  Sony Ericsson W960
 Sony Ericsson Z530  Sony Ericsson Z530C  Sony Ericsson Z610
 Sony Ericsson Z750A  Sony Ericsson Z800i  Sony Ericsson BST-33
 SDMP-L3654 Battery replaces the following OEM part numbers:
 Sony Ericsson BST-33  VODAFONE SEBA01
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