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Synergy Digital Synergy Digital Camera Battery, Compatible with BAUER-BOSCH VCC-516, VCC-526, VCC-550, VRP-30 Camera Battery (12, Ni-MH, 1800mAh)
Synergy Digital Camera Battery, Compatible with BAUER-BOSCH VCC-516, VCC-526, VCC-550, VRP-30 Camera Battery (12, Ni-MH, 1800mAh)
Item: #SDCAM-H8811 | MFG: #CS-VBF2E
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Our Price: $75.75
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 SDCAM-H8811 Battery is Compatible with the following Digital Cameras:
 Marantz CV-B800  Magnavox 8292  Sylvania VC4512SL01
 Magnavox 8380  Sylvania VC4514SL  Magnavox CVJ310
 Sylvania VC4520  Magnavox CVJ320  Sylvania VC4526
 Magnavox CVJ340  Sylvania VC4530  Magnavox CVK321
 Sylvania VC4545  Magnavox VR9244  Sylvania VC4546
 Magnavox VR8475  Sylvania VCC151AV01  Magnavox VR8484
 Sylvania VCC157  Magnavox VR8486  Sylvania VCC161
 Magnavox VR8572  Sylvania AR8378BK01  Magnavox VR8590
 Sylvania V80039BK01  Magnavox VR9143  Sylvania VC4511SL01
 Magnavox VR8382  Sylvania VC4513SL01  Magnavox VR8450
 Sylvania VC4515SL01  Magnavox VR8453  Sylvania VC4525SL01
 Magnavox VR8455  Sylvania VC4527SL01  Magnavox VR8457
 Sylvania VC4540SL01  Magnavox VR8472  Sylvania VCC151
 Magnavox CVK332  Sylvania VCC152  Magnavox CVK352
 Sylvania VCC159  Magnavox CVL325  Sylvania VKC242
 Magnavox VR8245BK01  Sylvania AR8395BK01  Magnavox VR8293
 Sylvania V80086BK01  Magnavox VR8294AF  Zenith VAC-905
 Magnavox VR9246  Zenith VAC-905  Magnavox 8293
 Canon BP-31  Magnavox CV5320AV  Canon CR-30A
 Magnavox CVJ312  Canon CV-T65  Magnavox CVJ322
 Canon F-1000S  Magnavox CVJ350  Canon BP-100
 Magnavox VR8480  Canon BP-30A  Magnavox VR8485
 Canon BP-100  Magnavox VR8570  Canon BP-30A
 Magnavox VR8585  Canon BP-30  Magnavox VR8592
 Canon BP-32  Magnavox VR9240AV  Canon CV-T60
 Magnavox VR8400  Canon CV-T70  Magnavox VR8451
 Canon BP-30  Magnavox VR8454  Canon BP-32
 Magnavox VR8456  Pentax PVR1100A  Magnavox VR8471
 Pentax V80039BK01  Magnavox VR8474  Pentax V80039BK01
 Magnavox CVK342  Panasonic AG186  Magnavox CVL320
 Panasonic AG195UP  Magnavox VR8208AV01  Panasonic AG455MUP
 Magnavox VR8292  Panasonic CVL325AV01  Magnavox VR8294
 Panasonic NVM1000PX  Magnavox VR8380  Panasonic NVM2200PN
 Philco V1728TSL01  Panasonic PV950D  Philco VCR802AV01
 Panasonic PVD910  Philco VCR809AV01  Panasonic PVS770DA
 Philco V80039BK01  Panasonic VM715  Philco V1728SL01
 Panasonic PV720D  Philco VCR801AV01  Panasonic PV7600
 Philco VCR807AV01  Panasonic PV760DA  Philco VCR901AV01
 Panasonic PV908D  NEC CV-30U  Panasonic PV918D
 NEC V-20U  Panasonic PV950A  NEC V-400
 Panasonic PV605  NEC VM40U  Panasonic PV606D
 NEC CV-40U  Panasonic PV615  NEC V-300
 Panasonic PV700  NEC V-40U  Panasonic PV704D
 General Electric 1CVA125  Panasonic PV710D  General Electric 1CVD5021
 Panasonic VW-VBF2E  General Electric 1CVD5023  Panasonic VW-VBF2T
 General Electric 1CVD5025X  Panasonic PV500  General Electric 1CVD5028B
 Panasonic PV501D  General Electric 1CVM8080  Panasonic PV505D
 General Electric 9-9815  Panasonic PV515D  General Electric 1CVA125
 Panasonic AG-B20P  General Electric 9-9606  Panasonic EPK1185
 General Electric 9-9608  Panasonic LCS-2012AV  General Electric 9-9610
 Panasonic LCS-A122R3EU100C  General Electric 9-9806  Panasonic PV-BP80
 General Electric 9-9808  Panasonic VW-VB30  General Electric CG-701
 Panasonic LCS-2312AVBNC  General Electric CG-9805  Panasonic LCT-1912AP
 General Electric CG-9807  Panasonic VSB-0011  General Electric CG-9809
 Panasonic VW-VB31  General Electric CG-9815  Panasonic VW-VBF2E/1B
 General Electric CG-9825  Panasonic VW-VBM7E  General Electric 2814804
 Panasonic PV950  General Electric 2815535  Panasonic PVS770
 General Electric 2816265  Panasonic VM32  General Electric 2887852
 Panasonic VM749  General Electric 2888583  Panasonic BP-50
 General Electric 2891139  Panasonic LCS-2012APC  General Electric 1CVP6030
 Panasonic PV720  General Electric 5200  Panasonic PV760
 General Electric 5426  Panasonic PV760B  General Electric 5430
 Panasonic PV900  General Electric 5442  Panasonic PV910
 General Electric 5747  Panasonic PV918  General Electric 1CVP5021
 Panasonic PV501  General Electric 1CVP5022X  Panasonic PV505
 General Electric 1CVP5026X  Panasonic PV515  General Electric 1CVP5028B
 Panasonic PV604  General Electric 1CVP6022  Panasonic PV606
 General Electric 1CVP6026  Panasonic PV704  General Electric 9-9810
 Panasonic NV-MS4B  General Electric 1CVA155  Panasonic NV-MS5A
 General Electric 1CVD5021X  Panasonic NV-MS5B  General Electric 1CVD5025B
 Panasonic NV-MS5EG  General Electric 1CVD5027  Panasonic AG187
 General Electric 1CVD5040  Panasonic AG455  General Electric 1CVA155
 Panasonic NV-M40A  General Electric 9-9605  Panasonic NV-M40E
 General Electric 9-9607  Panasonic NV-M9000  General Electric 9-9609
 Panasonic NV-M9000PN  General Electric 9-9805  Panasonic NV-M9000PN3
 General Electric 9-9807  Panasonic NVM9500EN  General Electric CG-911
 Panasonic NVM3000EM  General Electric CG-9806  Panasonic NVM3000EN
 General Electric CG-9808  Panasonic NVM3000PN3  General Electric CG-9810
 Panasonic NVM3300MC  General Electric CG-9820  Panasonic NV-M3500
 General Electric CG-9915  Panasonic NV-M3500PN  General Electric 2815169
 Panasonic AG455UP  General Electric 2815900  Panasonic CVR325
 General Electric 2887487  Panasonic M9000  General Electric 2888217
 Panasonic NV-M1000PX  General Electric 2889313  Panasonic NV-M2200PN
 General Electric CG-700  Panasonic NV-M2400PN  General Electric 5036
 Panasonic PV950B  General Electric 5424  Panasonic PV960D
 General Electric 5428  Panasonic PVS770D  General Electric 5440
 Panasonic AG185  General Electric 5740  Panasonic AG195MUP
 General Electric 2814439  Panasonic AG196  General Electric 1CVP5022B
 Panasonic PV750D  General Electric 1CVP5024  Panasonic PV760D
 General Electric 1CVP5027  Panasonic PV800  General Electric 1CVP5030
 Panasonic PV900D  General Electric 1CVP6024  Panasonic PV910D
 General Electric 1CVP6028  Panasonic PV940D  Olympus VC-105
 Panasonic PV605S  Olympus VX-402  Panasonic PV610D
 Olympus VX-405  Panasonic PV615S  Olympus VX-S405
 Panasonic PV700D  Olympus VC-104  Panasonic PV705S
 Olympus VC-106  Panasonic PV715S  Olympus VX-404
 Panasonic VW-VBF2E/1B  Olympus VX-406  Panasonic VW-VBM7E
 JVC GS-1000  Panasonic PV500D  Toshiba 151
 Panasonic PV502D  Toshiba VAC-905  Panasonic PV510D
 Critikon Systems EPP-100C  Panasonic PV602D  Critikon Systems EPP-100C
 Panasonic BP-50  Critikon Systems Dinamap Plus 8720  Panasonic LCS-2012APC
 Critikon Systems Dinamap Plus 8710  Panasonic LCS-2312AVBNC  Critikon Systems Dinamap Plus 8725
 Panasonic LCT-1912AP  Bauer-bosch VCC-526  Panasonic VSB-0011
 Bauer-bosch VRP-30  Panasonic VW-VB31  Bauer-bosch BA32-1
 Panasonic LCS-2012AV  Bauer-bosch VCC-516  Panasonic LCS-A122R3EU100C
 Bauer-bosch VCC-550  Panasonic PV-BP80  Bauer-bosch BA32-1
 Panasonic VW-VB30  Realistic 23-187  Panasonic VW-VBF2E
 Realistic SANYO LA2312  Panasonic VW-VBF2T  Realistic 23-187
 Panasonic PV940  Realistic SANYO LA2312  Panasonic PV960
 Realistic SAMSUNG  Panasonic PVS770A  Realistic SEARS 5399
 Panasonic VM706  Realistic SAMSUNG  Panasonic AG-B20P
 Realistic SEARS 5399  Panasonic EPK1185  Wards 10650
 Panasonic PV710  Wards 10652  Panasonic PV750
 Wards SIGNATURE 2000  Panasonic PV760A  Wards VAC-905
 Panasonic PV810  Wards 10651  Panasonic PV908
 Wards 10687  Panasonic PV910A  Panasonic M3000
 Panasonic PV502  Panasonic PV510  Panasonic PV602
 Panasonic PV604D  Panasonic PV610  Panasonic NV-M9500 VHS
 Panasonic NV-M9500EN  Panasonic NVMS5A  Panasonic NVMS5B
 Panasonic NVMS5EG  Panasonic AG188  Panasonic NVM3500PN
 Panasonic NVM40A  Panasonic NVM40E  Panasonic NV-M50
 Panasonic NVM9000PN  Panasonic NVM9000PN3  Panasonic NVM2400PN
 Panasonic NV-M3000  Panasonic NV-M3000EM  Panasonic NV-M3000EN
 Panasonic NV-M3000PN3  Panasonic NV-M3300MC  Samsung SV-E27
 Samsung SV-E27  Philips M1275A  Philips M1277A
 Philips CPJ-810  Philips CPK-834  Philips CVL-345
 Philips VKR-2000  Philips V80039BK01  Philips VE551XE
 Philips CVL-345  Philips 40488A  Philips AR8395BK01
 Philips V80086BK01  Philips VSBS0011  Philips 40488A
 Philips AR8395BK01  Philips VSBS0011  Philips M1176A
 Philips M1276A  Philips CPJ-815  Philips CPK-855
 Philips PRO 1  Philips AR8378BK01  Philips QUASAR VE257
 Philips VE551XE  Philips AR8378BK01  Philips QUASAR VE257
 Philips V80086BK01  Quasar VM-20AC  Quasar VM-21AC
 Quasar VM-23AC  Quasar VM-25AC  Quasar VM-27AC
 Quasar VM-34  Quasar VP-5740  Quasar VP-5742
 Quasar VP-5747  Quasar VP-5750  Quasar VP-5756
 Quasar VV-9404  Quasar VM-35  Quasar VM-708
 Quasar VP-2100  Quasar VP-5440  Quasar VP-5442
 Quasar VP-5451  Quasar VM-11C  Quasar VM-2100
 Quasar VM-22AC  Quasar VM-24AC  Quasar VM-26AC
 Quasar VM-29  Quasar VP-5741  Quasar VP-5744
 Quasar VP-5748  Quasar VP-5751  Quasar VP-5757
 Quasar REALISTIC  Quasar VM-37  Quasar VM-709
 Quasar VP-5430  Quasar VP-5441  Quasar VP-5450
 Quasar VP-5452  Sears 53683  Sears 53691
 Sears 53703  Sears 5368  Sears 5369
 Sears 5370  JCpenny 686-5111  JCpenny 686-5116
 JCpenny 686-5350  JCpenny 855-8967  JCpenny VS-160
 JCpenny 686-5110  JCpenny 686-5115  JCpenny 686-5335
 JCpenny 686-6016  JCpenny 855-9163  JCpenny BP-122
 JCpenny BP-122  Blaupunkt CR-1800  Blaupunkt CR-1500
 Blaupunkt PTV-260  Chinon CV-T60  Chinon CV-T70
 Chinon CV-770  Chinon CV-C800  Chinon CV-T60G
 Chinon CV-T7  Chinon CV-BP80  Chinon CV-BP80
 Chinon CV-765  Chinon CV-C70  Chinon CV-T124
 Chinon CV-T63  Chinon CV-T72  Chinon CV-T80
 Chinon CV-T73  Chinon BP-80  Chinon CV-BP82
 Chinon BP-80  Chinon CV-BP82  Chinon CV-T65
 Curtis Mathes 768  Curtis Mathes AV800  Curtis Mathes CV800
 Curtis Mathes HV773  Curtis Mathes PVBP80  Curtis Mathes ELMO BP-10
 Curtis Mathes PVBP80  Curtis Mathes PV800  Curtis Mathes ELMO ER-10
 Curtis Mathes 770  Curtis Mathes BV880  Curtis Mathes DV800
 Curtis Mathes QD00004  Curtis Mathes ELMO BP-10  Technika C-6000
 Technika C-7000  Technika CX-711  Technika CX-971S
 Technika CB-620  Technika CB-812  Technika C-5010
 Technika C-6010  Technika CX-700  Technika CX-811
 Technika CB-812  Technika CB-620
 SDCAM-H8811 Battery replaces the following OEM part numbers:
 Bauer-bosch BA32-1  JCpenny BP-122  Critikon Systems EPP-100C
 Pentax V80039BK01  Philco V80039BK01  Toshiba VAC-905
 Wards VAC-905  Zenith VAC-905  Realistic 23-187
 Realistic SAMSUNG  Realistic SANYO LA2312  Realistic SEARS 5399
 Curtis Mathes ELMO BP-10  Curtis Mathes PVBP80  Chinon BP-80
 Chinon CV-BP80  Chinon CV-BP82  Technika CB-620
 Technika CB-812  Panasonic AG-B20P  Panasonic BP-50
 Panasonic EPK1185  Panasonic LCS-2012APC  Panasonic LCS-2012AV
 Panasonic LCS-2312AVBNC  Panasonic LCS-A122R3EU100C  Panasonic LCT-1912AP
 Panasonic PV-BP80  Panasonic VSB-0011  Panasonic VW-VB30
 Panasonic VW-VB31  Panasonic VW-VBF2E  Panasonic VW-VBF2E/1B
 Panasonic VW-VBF2T  Panasonic VW-VBM7E  Canon BP-100
 Canon BP-30  Canon BP-30A  Canon BP-32
 Sylvania AR8378BK01  Sylvania AR8395BK01  Sylvania V80039BK01
 Sylvania V80086BK01  Philips 40488A  Philips AR8378BK01
 Philips AR8395BK01  Philips QUASAR VE257  Philips V80039BK01
 Philips V80086BK01  Philips VE551XE  Philips VSBS0011
 General Electric 1CVA125  General Electric 1CVA155  Canon BP-31
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