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Synergy Digital Synergy Digital Laptop Battery, Compatible with Asus 0B200-00840000, 0B200-00840100, 0B200-00840200, 0B200-00840400, 0B200-00840500, 0B200-00840600, 0B200-00840700, B21N1329, B21-N1329, C21N1329 Laptop Battery (Li-ion, 7.6V, 4000mAh)
Synergy Digital Laptop Battery, Compatible with Asus 0B200-00840000, 0B200-00840100, 0B200-00840200, 0B200-00840400, 0B200-00840500, 0B200-00840600, 0B200-00840700, B21N1329, B21-N1329, C21N1329 Laptop Battery (Li-ion, 7.6V, 4000mAh)
Item: #SDLB-L10538 | MFG: #CS-AUX453NB
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 SDLB-L10538 Battery is Compatible with the following Laptops:
 Asus 0B200-00840000  Asus 0B200-00840200  Asus 0B200-00840600
 Asus B06WWPXC3M  Asus B21N1329  Asus BATTX553
 Asus X553SA-XX171T  Asus X553SA-XX207D  Asus X553SA-XX234T
 Asus X553SA-XX252T  Asus X553SA-XX291T  Asus 0B200-00840400
 Asus X553SA-XX055T  Asus X553SA-XX068T  Asus X553SA-XX120T
 Asus X553SA-XX137T  Asus X553SA-XX167T  Asus X553SA-XX169T
 Asus X553SA-WS01-RD  Asus X553SA-XX005  Asus X553SA-XX007D
 Asus X553SA-XX021T  Asus X553SA-XX025D  Asus X553SA-XX039T
 Asus X553MA-XX690D  Asus X553MA-XX716H  Asus X553MA-XX809D
 Asus X553MA-XX898B  Asus X553SA-1A  Asus X553SA-BHCLN10
 Asus X553MA-XX516D  Asus X553MA-XX534H  Asus X553MA-XX545D
 Asus X553MA-XX574D  Asus X553MA-XX652D  Asus X553MA-XX669T
 Asus X553MA-XX366H  Asus X553MA-XX388D  Asus X553MA-XX402D
 Asus X553MA-XX409T  Asus X553MA-XX452T  Asus X553MA-XX490T
 Asus X553MA-XX112H  Asus X553MA-XX121D  Asus X553MA-XX172D
 Asus X553MA-XX212H  Asus X553MA-XX233D  Asus X553MA-XX365H
 Asus X553MA Ultrabook  Asus X553MA-DB01 Ultrabook  Asus X553MA-XX045D
 Asus X553MA-XX061H  Asus X553MA-XX067D  Asus X553MA-XX092D
 Asus X453SA-WX007D  Asus X453SA-WX009D  Asus X453SA-WX065D
 Asus X453SA-WX109T  Asus X453SA-WX253  Asus X553M
 Asus X453SA-1A  Asus X453SA-2C  Asus X453SA-BX401D
 Asus X453SA-BX403D  Asus X453SA-WX001D  Asus X453SA-WX004T
 Asus X453MA-WX320B  Asus X453MA-WX393H  Asus X453MA-WX429D
 Asus X453MA-WX584H  Asus X453SA  Asus X453SA-0032CN3700
 Asus X453MA-WX162B  Asus X453MA-WX216D  Asus X453MA-WX218D
 Asus X453MA-WX237D  Asus X453MA-WX300H  Asus X453MA-WX305T
 Asus X453MA-WX024H  Asus X453MA-WX060D  Asus X453MA-WX114B
 Asus X453MA-WX116B  Asus X453MA-WX131B  Asus X453MA-WX152B
 Asus X453  Asus X453MA-0051AN2830  Asus X453MA-0132DN3530
 Asus X453MA-1G  Asus X453MA-2D  Asus X453MA-BING-WX122B
 Asus F553SA-XX095T  Asus F553SA-XX122T  Asus F553SA-XX124T
 Asus F553SA-XX149T  Asus P553  Asus R515M
 Asus F553MA-BING-SX417B  Asus F553MA-BING-SX672B  Asus F553MA-XX420H
 Asus F553MA-XX421T  Asus F553MA-XX807H  Asus F553SA-XX004T
 Asus F453  Asus F453MA-BING414BLK  Asus F453MA-BING-WX430B
 Asus F453MA-WX397B  Asus F453MA-WX430B  Asus F553M
 Asus ET2040IUK-BB015X  Asus ET2040IUK-BB027V  Asus ET2040IUK-BB057M
 Asus ET2040IUK-BB062M  Asus ET2040IUK-BB071X  Asus ET2040IUK-C1A
 Asus D553MA  Asus D553MA-XX180H  Asus D553MA-XX191H
 Asus ET2040IUK-BB001R  Asus ET2040IUK-BB006M  Asus ET2040IUK-BB014X
 Asus 0B200-00840100  Asus 0B200-00840500  Asus 0B200-00840700
 Asus B076M3XCC9  Asus B21-N1329  Asus C21N1329
 Asus X553SA-XX170T  Asus X553SA-XX191T  Asus X553SA-XX208T
 Asus X553SA-XX236T  Asus X553SA-XX285T  Asus X553SA-XX298D
 Asus X553SA-XX054T  Asus X553SA-XX067T  Asus X553SA-XX102T
 Asus X553SA-XX137D  Asus X553SA-XX166T  Asus X553SA-XX168T
 Asus X553SA-QP2-CB  Asus X553SA-XX003D  Asus X553SA-XX006D
 Asus X553SA-XX021D  Asus X553SA-XX023D  Asus X553SA-XX031T
 Asus X553MA-XX673T  Asus X553MA-XX715H  Asus X553MA-XX717H
 Asus X553MA-XX827D  Asus X553SA  Asus X553SA-1G
 Asus X553MA-XX504D  Asus X553MA-XX530D  Asus X553MA-XX538D
 Asus X553MA-XX549T  Asus X553MA-XX651H  Asus X553MA-XX669D
 Asus X553MA-XX365T  Asus X553MA-XX366T  Asus X553MA-XX397D
 Asus X553MA-XX402T  Asus X553MA-XX431D  Asus X553MA-XX490D
 Asus X553MA-XX102H  Asus X553MA-XX114T  Asus X553MA-XX129D
 Asus X553MA-XX197H  Asus X553MA-XX220H  Asus X553MA-XX352D
 Asus X553MA  Asus X553MA-DB01  Asus X553MA-SH91-CB
 Asus X553MA-XX046D  Asus X553MA-XX063D  Asus X553MA-XX090D
 Asus X453SA-WX006D  Asus X453SA-WX008D  Asus X453SA-WX061D
 Asus X453SA-WX094T  Asus X453SA-WX155T  Asus X553
 Asus X453SA-0042DN3700  Asus X453SA-1G  Asus X453SA-2D
 Asus X453SA-BX402D  Asus X453SA-BX404D  Asus X453SA-WX002D
 Asus X453MA-WX315B  Asus X453MA-WX321B  Asus X453MA-WX428D
 Asus X453MA-WX462  Asus X453MA-XX060D  Asus X453SA-0021GN3700
 Asus X453MA-WX153B  Asus X453MA-WX203H  Asus X453MA-WX217D
 Asus X453MA-WX219D  Asus X453MA-WX267D  Asus X453MA-WX300T
 Asus X453MA-VX026D  Asus X453MA-WX058D  Asus X453MA-WX064D
 Asus X453MA-WX115B  Asus X453MA-WX117B  Asus X453MA-WX136B
 Asus X403  Asus X453MA  Asus X453MA-0122CN3530
 Asus X453MA-1A  Asus X453MA-2C  Asus X453MA-BING-WX108B
 Asus F553SA-XX026T  Asus F553SA-XX121T  Asus F553SA-XX123T
 Asus F553SA-XX125T  Asus F553SA-XX191T  Asus P553MA
 Asus F553MA  Asus F553MA-BING-SX418B  Asus F553MA-XX168D
 Asus F553MA-XX421H  Asus F553MA-XX573H  Asus F553SA
 Asus ET2040IUK-CA1  Asus F453MA  Asus F453MA-BING-WX355B
 Asus F453MA-WX212B  Asus F453MA-WX429B  Asus F553
 Asus ET2040IUK-BB015W  Asus ET2040IUK-BB023W  Asus ET2040IUK-BB034X
 Asus ET2040IUK-BB059M  Asus ET2040IUK-BB067M  Asus ET2040IUK-C1
 Asus D553M  Asus D553MA-XX173H  Asus D553MA-XX190H
 Asus ET2040IUK  Asus ET2040IUK-BB004R  Asus ET2040IUK-BB007M
 SDLB-L10538 Battery replaces the following OEM part numbers:
 Asus 0B200-00840000  Asus 0B200-00840100  Asus 0B200-00840200
 Asus 0B200-00840500  Asus 0B200-00840600  Asus 0B200-00840700
 Asus B21N1329  Asus B21-N1329  Asus C21N1329
 Asus 0B200-00840400
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