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Synergy Digital Synergy Digital Electric eBike Battery, Compatible with Panasonic BE-EKD43 Electric eBike Battery (Li-ion, 25.2V, 18000mAh)
Synergy Digital Electric eBike Battery, Compatible with Panasonic BE-EKD43 Electric eBike Battery (Li-ion, 25.2V, 18000mAh)
Item: #SDOTH-L17403 | MFG: #CS-PFC120SL
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Our Price: $415.35
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 SDOTH-L17403 Battery is Compatible with the following Electric eBike:
 Panasonic BE-EKD63  Panasonic BE-EKD43  Panasonic BE-EKE63
 Panasonic BE-EKDT73  Panasonic BE-END434  Panasonic BE-EKET73
 Panasonic BE-ENDA633  Panasonic BE-END634  Panasonic BE-ENDM632
 Panasonic BE-ENDF633  Panasonic BE-ENDT734  Panasonic BE-ENDS634
 Panasonic BE-ENE634  Panasonic BE-ENE434  Panasonic BE-ENHC344
 Panasonic BE-ENH673  Panasonic BE-ENHL632  Panasonic BE-ENHC349
 Panasonic BE-ENL734  Panasonic BE-ENK734  Panasonic BE-ENM633A
 Panasonic BE-ENM633  Panasonic BE-ENMP633  Panasonic BE-ENMM033
 Panasonic BE-ENR833  Panasonic BE-ENNX634  Panasonic BE-ENS634
 Panasonic BE-ENS434  Panasonic BE-ENV43  Panasonic BE-ENSF63
 Panasonic BE-ENV53  Panasonic BE-ENV48  Panasonic NKY224B02
 Panasonic NKY190B02  Panasonic NKY231B02  Panasonic NKY226B02
 Panasonic NKY252B02  Panasonic NKY246B02  Panasonic NKY281B2
 Panasonic NKY259B02  Panasonic NKY314B2  Panasonic NKY304B2
 Panasonic Flyer S Eco 26  Panasonic NKY335B2  Panasonic Flyer S Street 26
 Panasonic Flyer S Eco 28  Panasonic Flyer S Tour 26  Panasonic Flyer S Street 28
 Panasonic Flyer S Urban 26  Panasonic Flyer S Tour 28  Panasonic Flyer S X-C 26
 Panasonic Flyer S Urban 28  Flyer S Eco 26  Panasonic Flyer S XT 28
 Flyer S Street 26  Flyer S Eco 28  Flyer S Tour 26
 Flyer S Street 28  Flyer S Urban 26  Flyer S Tour 28
 Flyer S X-C 26  Flyer S Urban 28  Flyer C10
 Flyer S XT 28  Flyer C11 HS  Flyer C10 HS
 Flyer C6  Flyer C12 HS  Flyer C-Serie
 Flyer C8 HS  Flyer L10 HS  Flyer L10
 Flyer L11 HS  Flyer L11  Flyer L6
 Flyer L14 HS  Flyer L9  Flyer L8 HS
 Flyer R Street  Flyer L-Serie  Flyer R Urban
 Flyer R Tour  Flyer S Eco 26"  Flyer R XT
 Flyer S Street 26"  Flyer S Eco 28"  Flyer S Tour 26"
 Flyer S Street 28"  Flyer S Urban 26"  Flyer S Tour 28"
 Flyer S X-C 26"  Flyer S Urban 28"  Flyer S-Serie
 Flyer S XT 28"  Flyer T10 HS  Flyer T10
 Flyer T14 HS  Flyer T11 HS  Flyer T8
 Flyer T6  Flyer T9  Flyer T8 HS
 Flyer X-Serie  Flyer T-Serie  Helkama E2800A
 Helkama E2800  Helkama TE2800  Helkama Jopo Electro
 Kalkhoff Agattu C3 Nexus (2012)  Helkama TE2800 Comfort  Kalkhoff Agattu C8 26 Nexus (2012)
 Kalkhoff Agattu C7 Nexus (2012)  Kalkhoff Agattu P8 26 Nexus (2013)  Kalkhoff Agattu P7 26 Nexus (2013)
 Kalkhoff Pro Connect C8 Nexus (2012)  Kalkhoff Agattu P8 26 XXL Nexus (2013)  Kalkhoff Sahel C7 Nexus (2012)
 Kalkhoff Pro Connect C9 LX Nexus (2012)  Kalkhoff Sahel C8 Nexus (2012)  Kalkhoff Sahel C8 HS Nexus (2012)
 Kettler Twing Ergo (2013)  Kettler ohne Angabe  Panasonic Flyer C11 HS
 Panasonic Flyer C10 HS  Panasonic Flyer C2  Panasonic Flyer C12 HS
 Panasonic Flyer C4  Panasonic Flyer C2 Premium  Panasonic Flyer C5
 Panasonic Flyer C4 Premium  Panasonic Flyer C5 Premium  Panasonic Flyer C5 Deluxe
 Panasonic Flyer C7+  Panasonic Flyer C6  Panasonic Flyer C8 HS
 Panasonic Flyer C8  Panasonic Flyer L10 HS  Panasonic Flyer C9
 Panasonic Flyer L14 HS  Panasonic Flyer L11 HS  Panasonic Flyer L4
 Panasonic Flyer L2  Panasonic Flyer L6  Panasonic Flyer L5
 Panasonic Flyer L8 HS  Panasonic Flyer L8  Panasonic Flyer R Street
 Panasonic Flyer L9  Panasonic Flyer R Urban  Panasonic Flyer R Tour
 Panasonic Flyer S Eco 26"  Panasonic Flyer R XT  Panasonic Flyer S Street 26"
 Panasonic Flyer S Eco 28"  Panasonic Flyer S Tour 26"  Panasonic Flyer S Street 28"
 Panasonic Flyer S Urban 26"  Panasonic Flyer S Tour 28"  Panasonic Flyer S X-C 26"
 Panasonic Flyer S Urban 28"  Panasonic Flyer T10  Panasonic Flyer S XT 28"
 Panasonic Flyer T11 HS  Panasonic Flyer T10 HS  Panasonic Flyer T2
 Panasonic Flyer T14 HS  Panasonic Flyer T5  Panasonic Flyer T4
 Panasonic Flyer T8 HS  Panasonic Flyer T8  Puch Kraftwerk 7G
 Panasonic Flyer T9  Raleigh Dover (2012)  Puch Kraftwerk 8G
 Raleigh Dover De Luxe (2012)  Raleigh Dover 360  Raleigh Dover De Luxe 8 (2012-2013)
 Raleigh Dover De Luxe 7 (2013)  Raleigh Dover HS  Raleigh Dover De Luxe P8 XXL
 Raleigh Leeds (2012)  Raleigh Dover XXL LTD  Raleigh Leeds Premium (2012)
 Raleigh Leeds HS (2012)  Raleigh ohne Angab  Raleigh Leeds Roller (2012)
 Raleigh Stoker Lite (2012)  Raleigh Stoker DD (2012)  Simplex Firenze C8 (2011)
 Raleigh Stoker Lite Premium (2012)  Simplex Pedelec 8V (2011)  Simplex Milano C7 (2011)
 Victoria Assen  Simplex Roma-e C8 (2011)  Victoria Sevilla
 Victoria NLD 03
 SDOTH-L17403 Battery replaces the following OEM part numbers:
 Panasonic BE-EKD43  Panasonic BE-EKD63  Panasonic BE-EKDT73
 Panasonic BE-EKE63  Panasonic BE-EKET73  Panasonic BE-END434
 Panasonic NKY335B2  Panasonic NKY246B02  Panasonic NKY252B02
 Panasonic NKY259B02  Panasonic NKY281B2  Panasonic NKY304B2
 Panasonic NKY314B2  Panasonic BE-ENV48  Panasonic BE-ENV53
 Panasonic NKY190B02  Panasonic NKY224B02  Panasonic NKY226B02
 Panasonic NKY231B02  Panasonic BE-ENNX634  Panasonic BE-ENR833
 Panasonic BE-ENS434  Panasonic BE-ENS634  Panasonic BE-ENSF63
 Panasonic BE-ENV43  Panasonic BE-ENK734  Panasonic BE-ENL734
 Panasonic BE-ENM633  Panasonic BE-ENM633A  Panasonic BE-ENMM033
 Panasonic BE-ENMP633  Panasonic BE-ENE434  Panasonic BE-ENE634
 Panasonic BE-ENH673  Panasonic BE-ENHC344  Panasonic BE-ENHC349
 Panasonic BE-ENHL632  Panasonic BE-END634  Panasonic BE-ENDA633
 Panasonic BE-ENDF633  Panasonic BE-ENDM632  Panasonic BE-ENDS634
 Panasonic BE-ENDT734
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