Dynamic Power SDM-105 Sony Camcorder Charger

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Mini Battery Charger Kit for Sony NP-F550, NP-F570, NP-F750, NP-F770, NP-F960 & NP-F970 Batteries - with fold-in wall plug, car & EU adapters
Mini Battery Charger Kit for Sony  NP-F550, NP-F570, NP-F750, NP-F770, NP-F960 & NP-F970 Batteries - with fold-in wall plug, car & EU adapters
Item: #SDM-105 | MFG: #SDM-105
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Accessories Features Item Includes
Dynamic Power
SDNPF770 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery - Ultra High Capacity (7.4V 4600 mAh) Replacement for Sony NP-F770 Battery
Item: #SDNPF770 | MFG: #DPNPF750
In Stock
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Dynamic Power
SDNPF970 Lithium-Ion Battery - Rechargeable Ultra High Capacity (7.4V 6900 mAh) - Replacement for Sony NP-F970 Battery
Item: #SDNPF970 | MFG: #DPNPF960
In Stock
Note: Usually leaves our warehouse in 1 business day


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NP-F550 & NP-F550, F750, NP-F960, F570, F770, & F970 Battery Charger
  • Limited Warranty
  • 3 Years  
  • AC/DC Adapter (for car)
  • Included  
  • European Adapter
  • Included  
  • Weight
  • 2.3 oz  
  • Dimensions (approx.)
  • 3.3" x 1.4" x 2.1" / 83mm x 50mm x 31mm

    The DPM-105 mini battery charger is specially designed to charge the Sony NPF550 & NPF550, NPF750, NPF960, NPF570, NPF770, & NPF970 batteries. Its small size will make it easy to travel with. Just plug it right into the wall, no wires to carry or trip over. Included is an adapter for European outlets, as well as an AC/DC adapter to enable using the battery charger while in the car.
    • Battery charger is 100% OEM Compatible
    • Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications
    Battery Charger charges the following batteries:
    Sony NP-F550
    Sony NP-F550
    Sony NP-F750
    Sony NP-F960
    Sony NP-F570
    Sony NP-F770
    Sony NP-F970
    Battery Charger replaces the following OEM part numbers:
    BC-V500 InfoLithium® L Series Portable Battery Charger
    Uniross VC102215
    Propower NPF550
    Alpine MRP-F550
    Lenmar BCLC1
    Merkury MI-LCS
     AC-V700A InfoLithium® L Series AC/DC Adapter and Battery Charger
    LaptopsForLess CHRG53
    Unomat FC500
    Uniross VC101719
    Sterlingtek BCV615
    BC-V615 InfoLithium® L Series Portable Battery Charger
    Targus TG-CHFP
    Vidpro RTC-115
    Hahnel MCL103
    Amstron ASC-SLM
    CTA MR-F550
    Charger is Compatible with the following cameras/camcorders:
    Sony CCD-SC55
    Sony CCD-TR500
    Sony CCD-SC65
    Sony CCD-TR3000
    Sony CCD-TR3300
    Sony CCD-TR516
    Sony CCD-TR555
    Sony CCD-TR67
    Sony CCD-TR716
    Sony CCD-TR76
    Sony CCD-TR818
    Sony CCD-TR87
    Sony CCD-TR910
    Sony CCD-TR917
    Sony CCD-TR930
    Sony CCD-TR940
    Sony CCD-TRV101
    Sony CCD-TRV15
    Sony CCD-TRV215
    Sony CCD-TRV25
    Sony CCD-TRV36
    Sony CCD-TRV41
    Sony CCD-TRV43
    Sony MVC-FD97
    Sony MVC-FD95
    Sony MVC-FD92
    Sony MVC-FD91
    Sony MVC-FD90
    Sony MVC-FD88
    Sony MVC-FD87
    Sony MVC-FD85
    Sony MVC-FD83
    Sony MVC-FD81
    Sony MVC-FD75
    Sony MVC-FD73
    Sony CCD-TRV46
    Sony CCD-TRV51
    Sony CCD-TRV57
    Sony CCD-TRV58
    Sony CCD-TRV615
    Sony CCD-TRV62
    Sony CCD-TRV65
    Sony CCD-TRV66
    Sony CCD-TRV67
    Sony CCD-TRV68
    Sony CCD-TRV715
    Sony CCD-TRV72
    Sony CCD-TRV75
    Sony CCD-TRV81
    Sony CCD-TRV815
    Sony CCD-TRV82
    Sony CCD-TRV85
    Sony CCD-TRV87
    Sony CCD-TRV88
    Sony CCD-TRV90
    Sony CCD-TRV91
    Sony CCD-TRV93
    Sony CCD-TRV95
    Sony MVC-FD71
    Sony MVC-FD7
    Sony MVC-FD51
    Sony MVC-FD5
    Sony MVC-FD200
    Sony MVC-FD100
    Sony CCD-SC5
    Sony CCD-TR1
    Sony CCD-TR200
    Sony CCD-TR205
    Sony CCD-TR3
    Sony CCD-TR300
    Sony CCD-TR416
    Sony CCD-TRV98
    Sony CCD-TRV99
    Sony CCD-TR517
    Sony CCD-TR97
    Sony CCD-TRV15
    Sony CCD-TRV16
    Sony CCD-TRV35
    Sony CCD-TRV49
    Sony CCD-TRV59
    Sony CCD-TRV71
    Sony DCR-TRV203
    Sony DCR-TRV230
    Sony DCR-TRV840
    Sony DCR-TRV9000
    Sony DCR-VX700
    Sony DCR-SC100
    Sony DCR-TR7000
    Sony DCR-TRV110
    Sony DCR-TRV120
    Sony DCR-TRV130
    Sony DCR-TRV210
    Sony DCR-TRV310
    Sony DCR-TRV315
    Sony DCR-TRV320
    Sony DCR-TRV5
    Sony DCR-TRV510
    Sony DCR-TRV520
    Sony DCR-TRV525
    Sony DCR-TRV7
    Sony DCR-TRV720
    Sony DCR-TRV820
    Sony DCR-TRV9
    Sony DCR-TRV900
    Sony DCR-VX2000
    Sony DCR-VX2100
    Sony HDR-FX1
    Sony HVR-Z1U
    Our Policy:
    East Coast Photo's policy is to provide our customers with superior customer service. All of our products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, please return the product(s) to us within 30 days for refund or exchange.
     SDM-105 Battery is Compatible with the following Camcorders:
     Sony HXR-MC2500E  Sony HXR-NX100 Full HD  Sony HXR-NX100 Full HD
     Sony HXR-NX5R NXCAM  Sony DCR-TRV250E  Sony DCR-TRV33E
     Sony DCR-TRV340E  Sony DCR-TRV460E  Sony DCR-TRV480E
     Sony DCR-TRV50E  Sony DCR-PC330E  Sony DCR-TRV140E
     Sony DCR-TRV17E  Sony DCR-TRV18E  Sony DCR-TRV19E
     Sony DCR-TRV230E  Sony DCR-DVD101E  Sony DCR-DVD201E
     Sony DCR-PC101E  Sony DCR-PC105E  Sony DCR-PC110E
     Sony DCR-PC120E  Sony DCR-DVD100E  Sony CCD-TR910
     Sony CCD-TR215  Sony DCR-TRV510  Sony CCD-TRV215
     Sony CCD-TRV93  Sony CCD-TRV71  Sony HXR-NX5U NXCAM
     Sony DCR-TRV530E  Sony DCR-TRV950E  Sony NP-FM30
     Sony HXR-MC2500  Sony HXR-NX5R  Sony NEX-FS700R
     Sony NEX-FS700RH  Sony HXR-NX3E  Sony PXW-Z100
     Sony PXW-Z150  Sony PXW-Z150 4K XDCAM  Sony NEX-FS700UK
     Sony DCR-TRV520  Sony NEX-FS700  Sony FDR-AX1
     Sony 4K  Sony HXR-NX3  Sony CCD-TRV940
     Sony DCR-TRV7  Sony CCD-TRV716  Sony CCD-TRV49
     Sony CCD-TR930  Sony CCD-TR200  Sony DCR-VX2100
     Sony CCD-TR97  Sony CCD-TRV75  Sony CCD-TRV315
     Sony CCD-SC55  Sony DCR-TRV210  Sony HDR-FX1000
     Sony CCD-TRV517  Sony DCR-TR7000  Sony CCD-TRV720
     Sony CCD-TRV81  Sony CCD-TRV58  Sony DCR-TRV103
     Sony CCD-TRV98  Sony CCD-TR516  Sony CCD-TRV82
     Sony CCD-TRV35  Sony DCR-TRV110  Sony CCD-TR416
     Sony CCD-TRV87  Sony CCD-TRV37  Sony DCR-TRV130
     Sony DCR-TRV310  Sony CCD-TRV9  Sony CCD-TR3000
     Sony CCD-TRV16  Sony CCD-TRV66  Sony CCD-TR67
     Sony CCD-TR87  Sony CCD-TR3  Sony CCD-TRV91
     Sony CCD-TRV68  Sony CCD-TRV416  Sony CCD-TRV25
     Sony CCD-TRV930  Sony CCD-TRV715  Sony DCR-TRV820
     Sony CCD-TRV46  Sony CCD-TR517  Sony DCR-TRV9000
     Sony CCD-TRV51  Sony CCD-TR9n17  Sony DCR-TRV203
     Sony CCD-TR205  Sony CCD-TRV728  Sony CCD-TR940
     Sony DCR-TRV320  Sony CCD-TR1  Sony CCD-TRV95
     Sony CCD-TRV72  Sony CCD-SC5  Sony CCD-TRV57
     Sony HDR-FX7  Sony DCR-TRV720  Sony DCR-TRV9
     Sony DCR-VX700  Sony CCD-TRV101  Sony CCD-TRV78
     Sony CCD-TRV36  Sony CCD-TRV615  Sony DCR-VX2000
     Sony CCD-TRV815  Sony CCD-TRV59  Sony DCR-TRV120
     Sony CCD-TR500  Sony CCD-TRV85  Sony CCD-TRV88
     Sony CCD-TRV15  Sony CCD-TR3300  Sony HDR-FX1
     Sony CCD-TRV65  Sony CCD-TRV4  Sony DCR-TRV525
     Sony CCD-TRV90  Sony CCD-TRV67  Sony CCD-TRV41
     Sony CCD-TR716  Sony CCD-TRV99  Sony DCR-SC100
     Sony CCD-TR57  Sony CCD-TRV43  Sony CCD-TR818
     Sony DCR-TRV315  Sony CCD-TR300  Sony MVC-FD71
     Sony MVC-FD75  Sony MVC-FD95  Sony MVC-FD88
     Sony MVC-FD51  Sony MVC-FD200  Sony MVC-FD91
     Sony MVC-FD85  Sony MVC-FD81  Sony MVC-FD97
     Sony MVC-FD73  Sony MVC-FD7  Sony MVC-FD100
     Sony MVC-FD5  Sony MVC-FD90  Sony MVC-FD87
     Sony MVC-FD92  Sony MVC-FD83  Sony DKC-FP3
     Sony DKC-FP3  Sony DSC-F1  Sony DSC-F1
     Sony NP-FM50  Sony NP-QM51  Sony DSLR-A100K/B
     Sony SLT-A99K  Sony SLT-A99V  Sony MVC-FDR1E
     Sony MVC-FDR1E  Sony MVC-FDR3  Sony MVC-FDR3
     Sony MVC-FDR3E  Sony MVC-FDR3E  Sony MVC-FD83K
     Sony MVC-FD83K  Sony MVC-FD88K  Sony MVC-FD88K
     Sony MVC-FDR1  Sony MVC-FDR1  Sony DSC-F2
     Sony DSC-F2  Sony DSC-F3  Sony DSC-F3
     Sony MVC-FD73K  Sony MVC-FD73K  Sony ProDSC-D700
     Sony ProDSC-D700  Sony ProDSC-D770  Sony ProDSC-D770
     Sony CCD-TRV740  Sony DSLR-A700Z  Sony NP-FM500H
     Sony SLT-A55  Sony SLT-A57K  Sony SLT-A65VK
     Sony SLT-A77VQ  Sony DSLR-A300X  Sony DSLR-A350H
     Sony DSLR-A350K  Sony DSLR-A350X  Sony DSLR-A700K
     Sony DSLR-A700P  Sony DSLR-A100W  Sony DSLR-A100W/B
     Sony DSLR-A200K  Sony DSLR-A200W  Sony DSLR-A300K
     Sony DSLR-A300K/N
     SDM-105 Charger replaces the following OEM part numbers:
     Uniross VC102215  Lenmar BCLC1  Uniross VC101719
     Targus TG-CHFP  Vidpro RTC-115  Hahnel MCL103
     CTA MR-F550

    Item Includes  
    • Car Charging adapter
    • European plug adapter
    • 3-year Limited Warranty
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