Dynamic Power SDM-141 Olympus Battery Charger

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Mini Battery Charger Kit for Olympus LI-40B Battery and Fuji NP-45, NP-45A Battery - with fold-in wall plug, car & EU adapters- Replacement for Olympus LI-41C
Mini Battery Charger Kit for Olympus LI-40B Battery and Fuji NP-45, NP-45A Battery - with fold-in wall plug, car & EU adapters- Replacement for Olympus LI-41C
Item: #SDM-141 | MFG: #SDM-141
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Accessories Features Item Includes
Synergy Digital
SDLI40B Lithium-Ion Battery -Rechargeable Ultra High Capacity (3.7V 800 mAh) - Replacement for Olympus LI-40B and LI-42B Battery
Item: #SDLI40B | MFG: #SMLI40B
In Stock
Note: Usually leaves our warehouse in 1 business day


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Olympus LI-40B Battery Charger Replacement
  • Limited Warranty
  • 3 Years
  • AC/DC Adapter (car charging)
  • Included
  • European Adapter
  • Included
  • Weight
  • 2.3 oz
  • Dimensions (approx.)
  • 3.3" x 1.4" x 2.1" / 83mm x 50mm x 31mm

    This mini battery charger is specially designed to charge the Olympus LI40B battery. Its small size will make it easy to travel with. Just plug it right into the wall, no wires to carry or trip over. Included is an adapter for European outlets, as well as an AC/DC adapter to enable using the battery charger while in the car.
    • Battery charger is 100% OEM Compatible
    • Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications
    LI-40 Battery Charger charges the following batteries:
    Olympus LI-40B
    Battery Charger replaces the following OEM part numbers:
    Olympus LI-40C Charger
    Power 2000 RTC-113
    Insten BOLYLI40BCS2
    Inov8 BC1202
    GadgetInfinity 16482
    Uniross VC101719
    Olympus #200346-410
    Ansmann Digicharger Plus
    Sterlingtek DH67
    Sakar CH4920
    Insten BOLYLI40BCS2
    Propower Home-CGA-LI40B-0L40Bbatt
    LaptopsForLess LI-40B-CHRG36
    Amstron ASC-40B
    Hama Delta Photo
    LI40B Charger is Compatible with the following cameras/camcorders:
    Olympus SP-700
    Olympus IR-300
    Olympus Stylus 710
    Olympus Stylus 700
    Olympus Stylus 725 SW
    Olympus Stylus 1200
    Olympus Stylus 830
    Olympus D630
    Olympus U-700
    Olympus Stylus 740
    Olympus Stylus 750
    Olympus Stylus 730
    Olympus Stylus FE-190
    Olympus Stylus 820
    Olympus Stylus 790 SW
    Olympus Stylus 760
    Olympus U-720SW
    Olympus FE-150
    Olympus Stylus 770 SW
    Olympus FE-300
    Olympus FE-290
    Olympus FE-230
    Olympus FE-240
    Olympus FE-250
    Olympus FE-5500
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     SDM-141 Charger is Compatible with the following Digital Cameras:
     Olympus FE-290  Olympus Stylus 720  Fujifilm Finepix Z10 fd
     Olympus Stylus 820  Olympus FE-150  Olympus FE-350 Wide
     Olympus FE-340  Olympus Stylus 840  Olympus Stylus 780
     Fujifilm FInepix J10  Fujifilm Finepix J120  Fujifilm Finepix J100
     Fujifilm Finepix J150W  Fujifilm Finepix J110W  Olympus Stylus 1040
     Olympus FE-360  Olympus FE-20  Olympus Stylus 1050 SW
     Olympus Stylus 550WP  Olympus FE-5010  Olympus FE-3000
     Olympus Stylus 7000  Olympus FE-5000  Olympus FE-3010
     Fujifilm Finepix EX-Z35  Fujifilm Finepix Z37  Fujifilm Finepix J30
     Fujifilm Finepix Z35  Fujifilm Finepix Z33 WP  Fujifilm Finepix Z300
     Fujifilm Finepix J20  Fujifilm Finepix Z30  Fujifilm Finepix Z200 FD
     Fujifilm Finepix J250  Fujifilm FinePix JV150  Fujifilm FinePix JV100
     Fujifilm FinePix JZ500  Fujifilm JZ300  Fujifilm FinePix Z70
     Fujifilm FinePix XP10  Fujifilm FinePix Z800EXR  Fujifilm FinePix Z700EXR
     Olympus Stylus 5010  Olympus FE-4030  Olympus Stylus Tough-3000
     Olympus Stylus 7030  Fujifilm FinePix JX280  Fujifilm JX250
     Olympus FE-5050  Olympus FE-5035  Fujifilm Finepix J15
     Fujifilm Finepix A850  Fujifilm Finepix J35  Fujifilm Finepix J27
     Fujifilm Finepix JV105  Fujifilm Finepix J38  Fujifilm Finepix JX205
     Fujifilm Finepix JX200  Fujifilm Finepix JZ505  Fujifilm Finepix JZ305
     Fujifilm Finepix Z707EXR  Fujifilm Finepix XP11  Fujifilm Finepix XP20
     Fujifilm FinePix JX420  Pentax Optio RS1000  Fujifilm Finepix JV200
     Olympus Tough TG-320  Fujifilm FinePix XP50  Fujifilm FinePix T510
     Fujifilm FinePix T500  Fujifilm FinePix T560  Fujifilm FinePix T550
     GE E1410SW  Fujifilm FinePix XP60  Fujifilm FinePix JX660
     Fujifilm FinePix XP70  Fujifilm FINEPIX XP140  Fujifilm FinePix XP80
     Olympus FE-250  Kodak PIXPRO FZ53  Olympus FE-230
     Olympus Stylus 740  Olympus U-700  Olympus Stylus 760
     Olympus Stylus 850 SW  Olympus D-630  Olympus Stylus 710
     Olympus FE-300  Olympus Stylus 725 SW  Olympus FE-280
     Olympus FE-350  Fujifilm Finepix Z100 fd  Olympus Stylus 830
     Fujifilm Finepix Z20  Olympus Stylus 770 SW  Olympus FE-320
     Olympus Stylus 790 SW  Olympus U-720SW  Olympus Stylus 1200
     Olympus FE-5500  Olympus Stylus 730  Olympus FE-190
     Olympus Stylus 750  Olympus SP-700  Olympus IR300
     Olympus FE-240  Olympus Stylus 3000  Olympus Stylus 700
     Fujifilm Finepix JX350  Olympus FE-5040  Olympus TG-310
     Fujifilm Finepix T300  Olympus VR-330  Olympus VR-320
     Fujifilm Finepix Z90  Fujifilm Finepix XP30  Olympus X-560WP
     Fujifilm FinePix Z900EXR  Fujifilm FinePix JX580  Fujifilm FinePix JX500
     Fujifilm FinePix T350  Fujifilm FinePix JZ100  Olympus TG-320 Tough
     Fujifilm FinePix T400  Olympus FE-5020  Olympus FE-4000
     Fujifilm FinePix XP130  Fujifilm FinePix JX680  Fujifilm Finepix Z20fd
     Fujifilm Finepix Z20fd  Fujifilm Finepix J12  Fujifilm Finepix 235
     Fujifilm Finepix J250W  Fujifilm Finepix J250FD  Fujifilm Finepix J550
     Fujifilm Finepix J28  Fujifilm Finepix J590  Fujifilm Finepix J580
     Fujifilm Finepix J710  Fujifilm Finepix J700  Fujifilm Finepix JV250
     Fujifilm Finepix JV205  Fujifilm Finepix JV300  Fujifilm Finepix JV255
     Fujifilm Finepix JX260  Fujifilm Finepix JX250  Fujifilm Finepix JX305
     Fujifilm Finepix JX300  Fujifilm Finepix JX370  Fujifilm Finepix JX310
     Fujifilm Finepix JX400  Fujifilm Finepix JX375  Fujifilm Finepix JX520
     Fujifilm Finepix JX405  Fujifilm Finepix JX590  Fujifilm Finepix JX550
     Fujifilm Finepix JX710  Fujifilm Finepix JX700  Fujifilm Finepix JZ260
     Fujifilm Finepix JZ110  Fujifilm Finepix T200  Fujifilm Finepix JZ300
     Fujifilm Finepix T210  Fujifilm Finepix T205  Fujifilm Finepix T360
     Fujifilm Finepix T305  Fujifilm Finepix XP22  Fujifilm Finepix XP10SE
     Fujifilm Finepix Z1000EXR  Fujifilm Finepix XP55  Fujifilm Finepix Z1010EXR
     Fujifilm Finepix Z100FD  Fujifilm Finepix Z110  Fujifilm Finepix Z10fd
     Fujifilm Finepix Z200fd  Fujifilm Finepix Z115  Fujifilm Finepix Z31
     Fujifilm Finepix Z30FD  Fujifilm Finepix Z33WP  Fujifilm Finepix Z33
     Fujifilm Finepix Z71  Fujifilm Finepix Z5fd  Fujifilm Finepix Z808EXR
     Fujifilm Finepix Z80  Fujifilm Finepix Z909EXR  Fujifilm Finepix Z81
     Fujifilm Finepix J100W  Fujifilm Finepix Z91  Kodak PIXPRO WPZ2
     SDM-141 Charger replaces the following OEM part numbers:
     Olympus LI-40C Charger  Olympus 200346-410  Olympus LI-41C
     Power 2000 RTC-113  CTA MRLI40B  Sakar CH4920
     Uniross VC101719

    Item Includes  
    • Car Charging adapter
    • European plug adapter
    • 3-year Limited Warranty
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