Kodak and ilford photo paper and black & white paper for photo.

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Many types of photo paper are available for printing digital photos. Higher quality paper can result in richer colors and finer detail. Check the compatibility of the paper with your printer before using it. Paper brightness and weight are two important characteristics, with heavier, brighter stock of higher quality and price. You can choose from plain inkjet, high resolution inkjet, photo quality (usually nonglossy) and glossy. Paper cost varies widely, from a few cents per sheet to several dollars per sheet for high end specialty photo paper. You may wish to use the lower cost paper for test prints.

Glossy finish requires extra care. Handle these prints by the edges only to avoid fingerprint damage. Keep glossy paper away from water, dust and other contaminants. Be sure to print on the correct side of the page, which is generally shiny.

Take good care of your printer paper stock. Store it in the original packaging, away from hot or humid conditions. Make sure the package lays flat.

Be sure to change your printer settings to "photo paper," before you print because your printer will use different amounts of ink depending on what type of paper it is printing on. Your printer manufacturer will probably recommend that you only print on their brand of paper to get the best results, but don't be afraid to experiment with other brands to see which works for you.

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